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“I don’t want to be rich, I just want to be wonderful.”Marilyn Monroe
Everything, we think, within reason…..Susan has spent many hours creating her beautiful blog along with her “WILLARD” newsletters to surprise her “Girlfriends” over the years. If you have found them to be of value, and if it tickles your fancy, please consider supporting her time with a donation of your choosing: anything between the cost of a glass of wine or a good dinner! And don’t even think about this if it puts the slightest crimp in your wallet as she will love you forever no matter what happens. ♥

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I would like you to meet my grandfather, Willard Smith. When I was around eleven, and in full letter-writing mode, I sent a letter to his house in Sioux City, Iowa. I had fallen in love with “the olden days” and so I wrote to ask him for pictures of when he was young. He sent me lots of photos including this one of him in his pilot goggles.

As far back as I can remember, my grandfather wrote long newsy letters at Christmas and sent them to everyone he knew; a year in his life more or less. My mom would bring the letter to the dinner table and read it to all of us. He was the first person our family ever saw do this. We thought he invented it.

One day, someone else sent us this same kind of letter, my mom brought it to the table to read; my brother Stephen, who was then about twelve, put two and two together, piped up and said, “Oh! It’s a Willard!” Of course this sent all of us into hysteria, we thought he was so brilliant and brave. Brave because we didn’t usually call Grandpa by his first name for one thing, it was normally frowned on. But my parents were laughing too, this was a good one. So when it was time to give my newsletter a name, my choice was obvious. “It’s a Willard!” I thought you’d like to see a picture of “Our Founder.” He also sent me this photo of his smoking dog Jack. (Don’t think for a moment I agree with this, I cringe a little when I see it now, but it was of its time.) Of course we kids loved it. Willard was our hero, he was the bee’s knees. Liked pork chop gravy on his chocolate cake. A legend in his own time.

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872 Responses to Willard Sign Up

  1. Kenna Morris says:

    Dear Susan:
    Five years ago I was fortunate enough to move to the Central coast and finally bought a house in Morro Bay. I work at CMC, (California Men’s Colony-SLO) which can be stressful, dreary and oppressive. But! Your cheery & colorful blog is the perfect antidote. It will help me get through the last 4 years of my career in “the coal mines.” We work four 10hr. days, and it is a grind.

    However when I saw you were coming to the Central Coast, I bought 3 tickets for the event at the Morro Bay Community Center for myself & two friends. We also talked lovely Lauren of ReKindle (repurpose store in MB) to do the delectable refreshments. (We may be helping her serve). It was fun to print out our Girlfriend tags and tell everyone about your forthcoming visit.

    Reading the blog several times a month inspired me to take my BFF to Martha’s Vineyard last year, where we rode our bikes all over Vineyard Haven. What a lovely neighborhood. Now when we read your blog, we can say, “hey, I know where that is!” (Loved Chicken Alley thrift store!)

    Thanks again for making my job “at the joint” more tolerable & looking forward to meeting you in person this May.
    I would also love to be included in any free drawings you may have, and I’ve signed up for the Willard. Love all those old black and white fotos!
    K. Morris-Moved2Morro

    • sbranch says:

      You live in a heavenly place, and you help the world with the difficult job you do. I can only say thank you, and I know that’s really not enough. I am thrilled that you’ll be coming to the book signing and bringing your girlfriends! I know this is going to be a really special event because I will, in many respects, be “Home.” Thank you for helping to make it so nice. It makes me happy to picture you riding your bikes around the Island. Loved hearing from you . . . take care, and I’ll see you soon! xoxo

    • M.friday says:

      Thank you! Susan!! I so enjoy your work – art and stories and all… 😀

  2. Jennifer Randle says:

    Dear Susan,

    About two years ago my friend Jeni and I reconnected after many years, at my home for a light lunch and tea. She brought me a copy of your book, “A Fine Romance” which I fell in love with and which brought me to tears many times as I recalled my own trips to England over the years. And the book introduced me to places I have missed and hope to one day visit. Jeni later told me that she had been to the Rainy Day Books event for “A Fine Romance” and enjoyed getting to meet you and also your husband.

    I plan to be at your event at Rainy Day Books for “Island of Dreams” this year. I just ordered “The Fairy Tale Girl” and will read it before the event so I can delve right into “Island” after. Thank you for the lovely, “A Fine Romance.” I treasure it. (P.S. I love books with ribbons too.) See you on May 18.

  3. Joleen Standley says:

    Wishing you the best of luck and fun on your new tour. It was so great seeing you in Santa Barbara last year.

  4. Maggy's Girl says:

    Been a fan for years. To too many to count!

  5. Diana Johnson says:

    Subscribe to Williard

  6. Maryann Czolgosz says:

    I’ve just retrieved all my Susan Branch books from the shelf! (I wish Susan lived next door!)

  7. Lynette DiMaggio says:

    Makes my Day!

  8. Kathy says:

    I love this. What a treat to receive and take a fun break in my day.

    Kathy XOXO

  9. Hello!
    I have attempted to subscribe to Willard at least two times and I have never received a Willard. I check my spam and nothing goes there either. I really would love to receive Willard by email. Could you please help me with this?
    Thank you!
    Michelle Colwell

    • Gale Jourdet says:

      Me too!
      Have not received a Willard in a long while. Also submitted my address again, but to no avail. Can you post this new Willard online under your past Willard posts, so those of us who did not get it in our email boxes can keep up with you?
      I cherish your writings!

  10. Mary Windemuller says:

    Dear Susan,
    I just finished reading”Isle of Dreams” and loved it. My favorite book of yours is “A Fine Romance” since I love England like you do. In fact, my husband and I were in England in 2012 for 5 weeks at the same time you and Joe were there. I laughed out loud when I read your experiences of driving on the “wrong” side of the road and then read it aloud to my husband so he could laugh along with me.
    Many blessings,
    Mary Windemuller
    P.S. My friends and I will see you on May 21 at The Tattered Cover in Denver!

  11. Judy Brown says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Hudson, OH!

  12. Judith Kaufman says:

    Dear Susan,
    I’ve been a fan for oh, so many years! I’ve used your stickers in my scrapbooks and in my own art work! I also love your books! I look so forward to meeting you at Malaprops this summer in Asheville. and I’ve just signed up for Willard and I loved your Willard story…..so cute and funny.

  13. linda wilson says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in July-Titcomb”s

  14. Becky Pappenheim says:

    Dear Susan: Was hoping to see you in Portland, OR at Powells Book store, doesnt look like that got scheduled. Sorry to hear that. I have loved all of your books and web site forever. Thanks for brightening my life!!!!

  15. Turid Dulin says:

    I am soooo excited that you have chosen to include Memphis in your book signing tour! Please post it on your facebook so I can share it with all my friends. I will be seeing you on June 23rd at Booksellers. I have been buying and reading and rereading your books since the mid 1990s. They are all as good as they were when I first got them. Thank you!

    • sbranch says:

      I asked Kellee to post it on Facebook for you Turid . . . thank you! xoxo

      • Susan Mixon says:

        Turid! Thrilled to see my yard-saling friend here! We (my sis-in-law, Carolyn, and I) will also be at Memphis Booksellers to meet our favorite author! Love the community of Girlfriends that we are all so happily fortunate to be a part of. See you there!

  16. Barb Langan says:

    I so love the arrivals of Willard and stop whatever I am doing to enter your world. Being born on the east coast, now living in CA., it brings me many sweet memories. Bon voyage and many wishes for loads of fun! Barb Langan

  17. Carol C says:

    Love all your Willard letters! Amazing as always!

  18. Linda Lander says:

    Just to say, as usual, your Willard puts a smile on my face and and song in my
    heart…such a pleasure to join you in your world…you make it so inviting and so very “down to earth”… Thank you for all the pleasure you provide….even “deep in the heart ofTexas”…which is nothing like Martha’s Vineyard or England…;o)

  19. Cheryl says:

    I used to get a Willard, but haven’t received one this month. I sent a new request with my email addy. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks!

  20. sharla stewart says:

    Have a great time on your book-signing tour & hoping you will be in Greenville, MI. (or at least Grand Rapids, MI.) Love everything of yours: – ) Think the first time I heard of you was when I was reading Country Living – way back!!

    Hugs, Sharla

  21. Sandra says:

    Hope to see you in Asheville, NC this summer! Would be a dream come true to meet you in person and get my books signed!

  22. Carol Smith says:

    I love your style and enjoy all your enthusiasm for life. Look forward to Willard newsletters and your blog.

  23. Sue Lichtenberger says:

    Susan, you are the most delightful book friend I have ever had, well you are second to Jill Briscoe who is a Brit and inspired me on so many occasions.

    I have both of your latest books, will be having knee replacement surgery on 5/24 and have saved them to read while I am healing. I know they will cheer me and inspire.

  24. Lorinda says:

    I received my first Willard newsletter today. I love it and look forward to more of them. Thanks!

  25. Nancy Conley says:

    Ohhhhh I need to go to England. That’s all.

  26. Sheila says:

    My first Willard newsletter arrived today. What an interesting story and so fun. Look forward to more. Keep up the good work !

  27. Ann Miazga says:

    My girlfriend loaned me your new book A Fairy Tale Girl on Wednesday and I finished it today on Friday. I loved it and couldn’t put it down. Since we were born in the same year and I had four siblings and was the oldest, I could share many things with you and had a lot of laughs. I have ordered your book and bought a ticket at Julia’s in Madison, CT but didn’t know at the time I was going to be in Nantucket that weekend. My girlfriend said I will love that book even more. Sorry I will miss you but looking forward to the pleasurable moments with your next book.
    Ann Miazga

  28. Edith McAdoo says:

    Love all your books, blogs, calendars, EVERYTHING!

  29. Elizabeth Pollard Moore says:

    This has been a very sad week for me, so when I saw that the Willard had arrived I immediately read it. Just seeing your lovely artwork, photos and reading your cheery thoughts, helped lift my spirits. Thank you. Elizabeth

    • sbranch says:

      I’m sorry for your sadness and very happy you’re feeling the cheery thoughts. xoxo Hope all gets better soon Elizabeth!

  30. Cheryl says:

    I’m sorry I am just now letting you know this, but I still haven’t gotten a Willard. I should have checked back to see your response above sooner! If it fails to come through again, I’ll try a different email address. Thanks!

  31. Evie Tong says:

    Hi Susan … I am having trouble receiving Willaard .. please help! I also re-signed up again … Am in the middle of Isle of Dreams and loving every page as I gingerly turn to the next page … it is really really the BEST to end your triology of memiors! I feel like I know you … I use Rose Chintz for my daily china and now there’s a quilt on the table as the linen … my stack of vintage quilts are stackiong up and you are “everything” in my house … have a bookcase just for your titles!
    (I have a collection of your Little Books too!)
    Xo Evie in San Diego

    • sbranch says:

      Cozy! Evie, go back to the blog, scroll to the bottom of the newest post, and in the post you’ll see a link where you can read the newest WILLARD . . .good that you resigned up, and good that you let me know!

  32. Gail Larson says:

    I have been a fan for several years now….guess I don’t remember how many but it doesn’t really matter, does it? I think I have dreamt of living my life the way you do, but bottom line is I lacked the courage to really let go and go for it. That being said, you have been inspiring me through the years, especially at times when I could not find inspiration.
    It seems I love what you love…I enjoy what you enjoy…I get lost in your books, love cooking from your cook books, maybe live somewhat through you on your trip to England. Maybe some day I will go there and visit the home of Louisa May Alcott. Read Little Women early in my life and especially loved the old movie made about the book. But if not, you have shared your experience in such a wonderful way I feel as though I was there. Thank you for sharing!
    I have a stressful job, I am still working while friends my age have retired…but I have a plan and a program and I know my time will come.
    My son and I discuss regularly having a dream and making it happen. It is a challenge for me to believe I can still make a dream happen.
    So today I am sitting in the beautiful craft room my husband built for me (how lucky I am), looking out into my yard and garden just breaking out in new growth and fresh green and red leaves (there is a Smoke Tree just outside), and looking for inspiration. I opened the latest Willard – Willard Loves Spring; printed it and read it front to back. There they were….tidbits of inspiration “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love; it will not lead you astray.” One of many that my eyes heard loud and clear. Yes…my eyes! 🙂
    So, sorry to be so lengthy in verbose, but thank you from the bottom of my heart! Today I will be inspired! Gail

    • sbranch says:

      If you want a dream to happen, just put it on the calendar in a way that allows you to plan, save, whatever it takes, and then on that day, you go. Although, a woman with a craft room is already making dreams come true. xoxo Much love to you Gail.

  33. Karen McNamara says:

    Susan…I was lucky enough to get to your book signing in lovely Madison yesterday. As I sat there an hour ahead of time waiting, I was impressed by the number of people both young and old that you have inspired. Those that sat around me shared a few stories and I know that we all had so much in common. When a gal asked me where I drove from, I told her I was two hours away. I didn’t mind one little bit.

    I was so struck by your kindness to each and every “girlfriend” there, and how no one felt rushed or the least bit pressured to hurry along. Thank you for the few tips on water color paints. I was a little bit in awe when you thanked “ME” for being an art teacher to my elementary students. You were happy to sign all three of my books and they will serve as an added touch on my coffee table that needs juuuust the right bit of something pretty. It was truly an honor to meet you and you sure are the real deal. I’m not gonna lie, I was a liiiittle (LOT!) star struck seeing you. You’re all that I thought you were and more! Thank you Susan. I hope to see you at the birthday party in July! Continued success and safe travels to you and Joe! XO

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Karen, that was so nice. It was my pleasure to meet and talk with you . . . 2 hours is a long drive! I’m still walking on air from all those beautiful faces . . . and so many mothers and daughters ~ made it extra special since Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Thank you for being there! I love it when we kindred spirits get together. xoxoxo

  34. ShirleyRose Brady says:

    Gee I called Barnes and Noble for your new book and they said they will be getting it soon. They told me two weeks ago it will be 2 or 3 weeks yet???? How come others have it already??? Shirley Rose Brady st. Clair Shores, Michigan a suburb of Detroit. Adore all your books and even just ordered some old things on line) Shirley Rose Brady

    • sbranch says:

      It’s available to them, they are just a very large slow moving entity. Here: call the lovely independent bookstore R.J. Julia in Madison Connecticut. I was just there and left signed copies of the books with them; they will ship it to you, and right now.(203)245-3959

  35. joan hixson says:

    was wondering if your Christmas Memory book will be back. it has been such a joy to my family at Christmas time

  36. Gail Dunning says:

    Dear Susan, I am very excited to see you in Morro Bay on May 29. I attended your book signing and tea in Arroyo Grande in 1990! It was Sept, 29, my birthday and you sat in a gazebo signing books for us! Somewhere I have a picture of you signing away. I have always been a fan of your illustrations and of course, your books. I often get “lost” in them, going on flights of fantasy. We are about the same age and I do so admire the path that you have chosen. You have made so, so many people happy and I thank you! Gail from Cayucos.

  37. Alice Nelson says:

    Love this web site and the cookbooks, charms. Makes me want to come to New England some day, even more.

  38. Karen Burton says:

    My Mom and I had a totally delightful afternoon at Westmoreland CC enjoying our visit with Susan, Joe and 150 kindred spirits! How lucky to meet Susan! If she only knew how much total enjoyment so many of us get from each of her books, we’re so fortunate! Love her!
    May their upcoming Voyage on The Queen Mary 2 produce yet another book! 🛳🎨📔❤️

    • sbranch says:

      It was as delightful for me as it was for you Karen, just a wonderful day! Thank you and your mom for being a part of it! xoxo

  39. Sherri says:

    Hi Susan, I’m looking for your recipe for tomato & green chiles, brown rice casserole . I lost it …..It was delicious slice tomatoes on top . Any chance of getting it? Thank you, Sherri

    • sbranch says:

      I think it’s in Heart of the Home . . . I hope you have it? I don’t have it scanned right now . . .

  40. Yvonne says:

    Luv your books Read them over and over.So sorry about your Dads passing God Bless and strengthen,you and Joe your guardian angel.I would luv to visit your island.Keep writing and painting you are a inspiration.yvonne

  41. Kathi Jurkowski says:

    Dear Susan,

    I am an old new fan of yours. Well, not too old, we’re close to the same age.
    I can’t help but notice many of your readers are super sixty women. I’ve collected and read most all of your books.
    At this time in our lives, I sure do hope you’re working on an aging gracefully book for us older glamour gals. Get old isn’t for whimps, and I need your words of wisdom on aging to cheer me up. Hurry up, cuz I don’t know how long I got.

    • sbranch says:

      It’s mind over matter, as they say, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter! 😘 We’re lucky, there are SO MANY of us doing it together. I saw a guy wearing the most wonderful T-shirt the other day … He was your basic aging hippy … and the shirt said, “I may be old, but I saw the best bands.”

  42. Sherrie Glendening says:

    I was up last night until 4:00, so that I could finish your book, Isle of Dreams. Like many of your fans, I recognise many of my dreams in your life. You are truly an inspiration to those of us too scared or intimidated to follow our dream. You make me believe in fairy tales again! Thank you so much for showing me that “Once upon a time”, is possible. I hope I can find the courage to live my authentic life.

  43. Marynell Stone says:

    Dear Joe & Susan’s

    THANK YOU sharing all of your life’s events with all of us…I’m in my late 70’s & you won’t believe it but my daughter gave me “Joe’s favorite traveling pal “for my Birthday.. Yes she found “Petey” in an Antique shop.. I was thrilled as it makes any adventure complete with what all of us somehow had as a connection to our childhood. Wow.. He must be at least 60 plus in age . That quipie doll face is so adorable & happy .. He would melt anyone’s heart..
    He sits on my desk near your books and my quarter board ( not yet over my front door). The name on the quarter board is “CHATEAU RELACKSO”. The name of my villa here in Indian Wells, California!!!.. The well known Artist is famous for his hand carved Quarter boards in Nantucket… Not far from your home in Marth’s Vineyard…just a little bit of trivia for you to share with Joe… My love and admiration to you both always😄😍😎

  44. Kim Kronenberger says:

    Hi Susan!

    I have just finished reading your trilogy and am wondering if you still own Holly Oak home?

  45. Barbara Stringfield says:

    I received your Willard emails for a long time when I lived in Muncie IN. I have two of your scrapbooks and many other books. I love every thing you make and say. I love my purse calendar for 2015 and 2016. I have order the new calendars. I loved your train trips across the USA. We have retired in Denver North Carolina as of January 2015.

  46. Becky Staples says:

    I’m having trouble getting Willard. I signed up a couple of weeks ago and never got it. I just signed up for a second time. I checked my Junk E-mail and it wasn’t in there either. What am I doing wrong?

  47. Yvonne says:

    Susan yu came to Hudson Ohio and I missed yu😳😘😤

  48. Joanne Ramsay says:

    Have you published WILLARD NEWSLETTERS in book form?? I’ve only recently gotten onto your blog and would enjoy going back to read the past Willard letters. So enjoy all your writings. Received my first book in Sept. 1991 from a friend that lived in SLO and knew you. Her note in the book to me spoke of you as “down home” and “funny” which I thought were sweet thoughts of you.
    Enjoy your trip and will be waiting for your next book.

    • sbranch says:

      Only the snail mail letters I wrote during the 90s. They’re in a book, but those that are online are only available there. Thank you Joanne!

  49. FayE says:

    I have been thinking about you basking in your ecstasy while putting the final necessaries in your suitcaseS for this Atlantic crossing and this morning I woke up and thought that you could be “trapped” on the island while Hermine plays on the Atlantic? OH MY…Mother Nature could be taking control of your hand and writing the first couple of pages in this trip’s journal! Will we sail? Can we sail? Can we get off of MV? OMG…NOOOOOOOOO. I know that you are the role-model-extraordinaire for letting the positive shine through anything so I can’t wait to hear how your journey launches!

    AND! Once the “bottle in the ocean” AKA Queen Mary starts bobbing in the Atlantic waves will there be enough seasick “stuff” in suitcases and ship’s store to stop the misery of sailing on an upset sea?

    My fingers are all crossed hoping that you were scheduled to leave MV before things shut down. Even if you and Joe have been off of your favorite island for a week and waiting to board The Queen, She may not be able to receive you!! Hmmm?

    Perhaps this journal-in-the-making will be a mystery with a page-turning beginning and lots of twists and turns throughout? Hopefully, joyful and laughable twists once you are actually enjoying the sights and people while on English soil. I will buckle-up while I enjoy your words!!

    Such fun to await your next post. Those of us who will be traveling with you are on pins and needles to hear the soggy beginnings of your and Joe’s journey! We know that you will write us a raindrop-by-raindrop description while the wind howls new paragraphs for you.

    This could be quite the bon voyage for all of us and we don’t even need to wear a raincoat, BUT maybe we should all wear a raincoat while we prepare to read your descriptions…a solidarity move to prove that we are indeed on this journey with you?

    Cheers, take care and safe crossing.

  50. Cindy Pasqualini says:

    Hi Susan! With the adult coloring book craze, is there a Susan Branch coloring book being published anytime soon! That would be so much fun! Love your work since first discovering you in Country Living magazine a long, long, time ago! 🙂 Cindy

  51. Rene' Boyes-Murdo says:

    Hi Susan: Years ago you had Susan Branch checks, I had them and I LOVED them. Are you possibly considering those again? Rene’

  52. Janet Smith Adams says:

    Dear Susan…I just finished reading “Isle of Dreams” that I checked out from our library. We flew to Florida last week to visit our son and as I was going through security at the Nashville airport one of the TSA employees asked me what I was reading. When I told her she said, “Oh! I love Susan Branch!”. Then on the flight back the flight attendant mentioned what a beautiful book I was reading and wanted to know the title and author. I told her she definitely should get a copy to read. This book is so awesome; I got lost in it each time I turned the pages. It was surprising to discover how similar we are in quite a few ways. (Please take this as a good thing; I love animals and have no outstanding warrants that I’m aware of!) Anyway, thank you for a wonderful and interesting look into your life in New England. The coziness of your home practically jumped out of the book with the phrases and descriptions you wrote. Looking forward to reading more of your books. God bless!

  53. Linda Reel says:

    Just got a new computer so am catching up with Susan from many years ago. If you remember, I am the one who gave the comments about “buttering a cats paws to help with furballs”. I buy everything I can “Susan Branch”. One of my best finds was a checkbook cover at Safeway! Bought them for all my SB friends.

  54. Linda says:

    Dear Susan . My sister, Karen ( in nj) just mailed me a few of your books. Read ” girlfriends” just last nite, and luv every bit of it. Missing my sister as I moved to ca ten years ago , and your books , and blog are very special to us , as they remind us of our ” tea party days ” and all the special little things we loved growing up like drawing , crafting , sewing . Cooking, baking . Fun! and just bring together to sit, and stay awhile. Thank you for the beautiful books – my sister is a hygge expert guru from the heart – like u! 😊👭❤️ Sincerely Linda Kelly

    • sbranch says:

      Hard to be so far away from such a kindred spirit. Thank goodness for the Internet, and thank you for your kind words. Love to you and Karen!

  55. Sandra Williams says:

    A devoted fan….you are such an important part of my life…thanks for sharing yours with us!

    Much love and Merry Christmas!

  56. Patty Latimer says:

    Your writing is so inspiring. Thanks for all pictures of places I may never get to, but feel I am discovering them with you.

  57. Jeanne Govert says:

    I’ve been following you and your art for 30 years? Could that be true? An awfully long time regardless! And I just love all you do, your writing, your art, your recipes and your travels. Please dom’t ever stop!

  58. Kathy Thompson says:

    Love your books! Kathy T.

  59. Anne H. says:


  60. Breta C Sisson says:

    Love hearing from you! And reading your books!

  61. Donna M says:

    Everything you write is comforting and cozy! What a special gift you have for description – I always feel I am sitting by a fire in your perfectly wonderful house, shoes off, feet curled under and comfy on your couch! I have ALL your books and calendars too! Thank you for reminding us all that home is more special than anywhere else! Have an extra-special Christmas!

  62. kathleen m waldron says:

    Please write another book about your recent travels. I have reread A Fine Romance many times and am yearning for the further adventures of….please…..thank you for considering it.
    Kathleen in Washington State

  63. Sue says:

    Holidays are for curling up with kitties

  64. Ellen Botts says:

    A big Hygge back to you! I so enjoyed meeting you in Cincinnati last Spring. I’m addicted to your blog and check often for new additions. Wishing you, Joe and all the little 4 legs (tame and untamed) a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Ellen

  65. So enjoy your website…..ALL of it. New to reading all your “treasures”. 🙂

  66. Inez Schlueter says:

    When I read your blog, it makes me smile.

  67. Jennifer Searles says:

    Hi ! I bought one of your scrapbook cookbooks and am finally getting my recipes in order. I looked over your website because I was curious if I could buy extra pages to put the recipe cards in. I did not find any, can you recommend a place that sells them or tell me that you do sell them and I just overlooked them. Thanks!

  68. Donna Jones says:

    My wonderful hubby bought me “Fairy Tale Girl”and “Martha’s Vineyard–Isle of Dreams” for Christmas this year. Read them both in three days while recovering from surgery. (Don’t ask. It was awful.) I loved “A Fine Romance” because I am such an Anglophile. I have a good friend who lives there, near Windsor Castle, and my sister and I visit her every four years. (Lucky me.) So I was excited to read the other two books in the trilogy and I was not disappointed. They were beautiful and touching and funny and sweet and so very personal I felt like Susan was my BFF by the time I finished reading. We are almost the same age, California girls, and from big families. I’m even married to a tall man with a beard! I’m a writer, so I loved the parts of the book about the creative process. Small step by small step is a very important lesson and “never too late” will probably be carved on my tombstone. So thank you thank you Susan! You are truly inspiring!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you so much Donna, that was such a nice note from you. Yes, you are definitely lucky to have a sister in such a wonderful location! xoxo

  69. KarenKinMa says:

    Susan do you have the Lavendar soap and wooden soap holder still available?

  70. Carol says:


    I neglected to order a 2017 calendar at the end of the year. Are you out of them? I cannot find them on your website and would still like one. Help! I’ve been ordering them for years and love them. Thank you. Carol Fitzgerald

  71. Linda Chudej says:

    Isle of Dreams is wonderfully enchanting! It’s a page turner! I love your flair for describing everything, especially Autumn on Matha’s Vineyard. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

  72. Memarge says:

    Dear Susan,
    I have so missed your blog. This is the first one I’ve received since just before you went to England. I got the one today! That shows you and Joe and your friend Lowely and her husband going to Vermont.

  73. Pilar says:

    Hello Susan! I’m just letting you know that I have subscribed to a Willard! and that it’s the first time I subscribe to any blog though I read several. I always feel shy even to comment but I love this concept and I love your grandfather’s story. I also felt you should know I saved the photo of your house at Christmas, from your free stuff page for my screensaver, and I wanted to say thank you 🙂
    I too love England, cats, and houses and I already love your blog so much! The world needs more people like you and I’d like for your energy to rub off on me. I’m currently reading all your posts from the beginning and am having lots of fun. Now I’ll have Willard to look forward to, also. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this wonderful blog! Best Wishes Pilar

  74. Patte Elrod says:

    I clearly qualify for your dumbest, oldest (only 77 but maybe I should give my age in dog years – which turns out to be 539 – maybe this explains it) fan yet. Still wallowing in the pleasure of being with you, having my books signed & then your graciousness in allowing a photo with you at Vroman’s I read Willard on Sunday. Got so excited about San Luis Obispo, contacted my daughter (who many long years ago I introduced me to the world of Susan Branch) & tried to get tickets, only to find out it was too late yesterday! Last fall I was lulled into not realizing the urgency when I called Vroman’s to register & was told “Oh, just come, you’ll be fine” and I was! So, here comes the dumb part – I cannot manage to reach the magic person who is THE ORGANIZER to get on a wait list or learn whether another date might be added Oh! Yes! Please! I know you’re traveling but hope maybe someone is taking care of the nonsense mail from dumb, old Fans of Susan Branch in your absence.
    I do so hope my Kelly & I will get to see you soon. She hasn’t yet had the pleasure & deserves it!
    Welcome home to California! And Happy, Happy Birthday to your Mother!
    Patte Elrod

    • sbranch says:

      Just call the Apple Farm directly and see what you can do. They must have a waiting list in case of cancelation! I hope I get to see you and Kelly there, Patte! Thank you for the welcome home, I’m very excited to be here!

  75. Shirley Hewlett says:

    Dear Susan,
    You have been an inspiration to me for many years. My husband and I have
    been married for 68 years!! How they have flown by. We live in Palm Desert, CA and each year we vacation at Aviala Beach,CA. When you had your store in Arroyo Grande I always visited it and have many nice things from there. I entered your quilt challenge and attended the party where the winners were
    picked. It was a special day in my life! You signed my calendar on my birthday and of course I still have it along with all of your other calendars. The quilt I entered is hanging in my utility room. The day of the picnic I won fabric that you designed from which I made a pretty quilt that is special also. I love reading your blog. It always cheers me up. I loved the book about your growing up years and your first marriage. You were very brave to move to Martha’s Vineyard and I am so happy that you found a new love and a beautiful place to live. Your art work inspires me each day that I look at your calendar.
    Thank you so much for being so friendly and sharing. I love to create and share homemade gifts that I sew. I also love to cook and make homemade jams from our delicious California fruits. Best wishes to you and Joe.
    Shirley Hewlett

    • sbranch says:

      That quilt challenge party at our Farmstand was one of my favorite days too. I just loved our little group, the wonderful creative quilts hanging on the clotheslines, and the food too! Thank you for saying hello, Shirley, and reminding me of that delightful day!

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