It’s a Miracle!

Well, it’s a miracle, I still remember how to do this! Including even MUSICA!  I still got it!

I just wanted to say hello to you all, send a thousand kisses, and tell you how sorry I am for being away for so long.  But most especially I wanted to thank everyone who’s been sending me  positive messages via the blog and email. You will never know how much they’ve meant to me. They’re like verbal backbone strengtheners! And I’ve needed every one of them! There’s an element of guilt you know, locking yourself away like I have. Your words tell me you forgive me.


The Fairy Tale Girl

Especially on the days when the blank page just stares back at me.  If you wonder where I’ve been, I drew you a picture  . . . I’ve been doing this and this and this and this for all these weeks and months.  And I am so close now.  And when I get done, I will do my best to make up for lost time.  I know you wonder why I don’t just put up a little something to say hello, but it’s the concentration thing that I really need to write a book, and almost everything breaks it.

Fairy Tale Girl

Pay no attention to me . . . I have these little guys on my side now, one of them sits on my paintbrush just like in the picture below . . . and I’m almost done! I probably should have started writing books like these when I was 28 rather than 68 — I’d be so much better at it by now!  ‘Course, then this would have been a much shorter book!  (But that could be a good thing!) You do what you do when you do it I guess.

The Fairy Tale Girl

I think it’s turning out good ~ I just want to set it free and let it fly by itself and very soon, I’ll be able to do that.  I just underestimated how much time it would take.  But you know I couldn’t turn it in until I felt like I’d done my best on each butterflies in lovepage.  You scrapbookers know what I mean! Also, I’m VERY boring these days, you would have been sick of me by now anyway because it’s all this, all the time.  I’m a broken record living in Groundhog Day.  Yes, you’ve heard this song before! :-) But soon, I will get interesting again. There will be food and gardens and home grown tomatoes and farmers market and walks and ocean pictures, maybe even a train ride and a Willard! Lots more Jack and much more Girl Kitty, and maybe even a little Joe.

The Fairy Tale Girl

One of the big excitements this week was when I remembered my baby book and thought how cute the pages would look as end papers for the book.  That’s one of them up there.  With my baby hair still on it!  (What I ought to do is take that hair in and see if they can make a clone of me from my baby hair and have the clone finish The Fairy Tale Girl!  Good idea!)  Remembering those pages put me in a good mood for two full days!  On one of them my mom writes about my birthday and says I received squirrel slippers for a gift! She is going to LOVE this book!  BTW, she is healthy and happy and so is my dad!  I spoke to him this morning and he says, Hello Girlfriends!

bird flowers get-attachment.aspx


Pookie Boy! Even though this is short, and just a hello and big thank you, I know you would maybe never forgive me if I didn’t include a photo of my sidekick who is always right here beside me, just like you, through thick and thin ~ Jack will also be glad when I’m done working, he’s ready for MUCH more playing.

day lilies


But he still loves me. And look at those paws. OMG I want to eat them.

I promise I’ll be back soon.  Your generous words of encouragement, here and on Facebook and Twitter too ~ they’re what I’ve been leaning on to get through this. You keep me sane, and that is saying something ~ XOXO and see you soon! Back to work I go . . . I’m writing the words for the copyright page now!  P.S. don’t get me wrong, this is a labor of love. I would do it no matter if anyone else wanted it or not.  It’s been in me forever and has always wanted out.  It’s actually more of an exorcism than a book writing adventure! xoxo

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New News!

Hello Darling people, I have new news for you, but  . . . first off, delicious MUSICA!♥  Every once in a while, everything starts to happen at once, and June seems to be the month, for more reasons than one . . . 

roses. . . the roses are finally blooming on the Island, something we wait for all year, making today a total red-letter day, despite the fact that we’ve been FREEZING here all week!  But, even the strawberries in our garden are ripe and juicy!


I love them because they come back every year all by themselves and I don’t have to do a thing!  Even after a winter like the one we just had.  And, in the vein of everything happening at once, some of the work I did over the winter is starting to come in . . . like this:

susan branch 2016 wall calendar

Oh yes, the 2016 wall and mini calendars have arrived at the Studio!  Kellee called to tell me a couple of days ago, and, because she wants to announce it to everyone on Facebook, she told me that if I want you to know first, I better hurry up!  Luckily we are three hours ahead of California, time-wise! Ha!

dreaming 2016 susan branch calendar

You’ve seen some of the artwork for this calendar already . . .

2016 calendar

Laundry baskets and aprons!

Jack 2016 susan branch calendar

And most important . . . Mr. Jack himself, complete with pony tail band.

April 2016 Susan Branch wall calendar

Here’s the cheery April page . . .

flower border SB

October pro kitty 2016 calendar

But, I think this is my favorite page of all the calendars I’ve ever done . . . kitties and pink pumpkins!  Who could ask for anything more?  I want October to last all year!  (This photo is a little dark because it’s still not full light outside, but you get the idea.)

flower border SB Jack

Jack gets the idea too. You want to photograph the calendar?  Here, let me help.  

flower border SB

Jackie Boy

Bo-bo baby.  My shadow.


Susan Branch 2016 Blotter Calendar

FYI: The blotter calendar is still on the way, supposed to arrive at the end of the month.

flower border SB

Secret Notes susan branch

And another surprise in the mode of everything happening at once . . . Remember these?  Our Secret Notes?  We have them again! These are tiny matchbook-size cards, in fact, the box IS a matchbox, the drawer slides open and inside are thirty-two, 1¾”x 2″ love-notes you can tuck into suitcases, lunches, cards and letters, jean pockets and under pillows.

flower border SB


my diaries

And now, back to my regularly scheduled programming . . . checking diary reminders for the new book! My dining table has all my photo albums laid out, the book is coming together and more fun than I can tell you.


The Fairy Tale Girl New Book by Susan Branch

And Painting, painting, painting . . . And exciting news!  I’ve flowernever tried for much publicity in my career, mostly everything so far has been through word of mouth, which I have always loved, because obviously, what’s better than something your best friend, or your mom or your sister tells you about?  Nothing. But one of our Girlfriends wrote to tell me she has her A Fairy Tale Girl by Susan Branchown publicity agency, and guess what?  I hired her yesterday! I talked to her on the phone and she was a total kindred spirit who had read A FINE ROMANCE three times! So now we’ll see if she can figure out ways to tell new people The Fairy Tale Girl is about to exist!  I’m excited. I’ve never hired a publicist before.  It feels like I happy-girlhave a “team” — besides Joe and Jack and Girl Kitty!  And Kellee and Sheri and Alfredo ~ and YOU! Actually, I have a pretty wonderful team!  But I’m working so hard on this book, I don’t want it to just go Bang, then disappear the next year.  I want people to find it.  So I’m putting my best effort into helping that happen. I’ll let you know how it goes . . . because it’s all new to me too!

wildflowers and cat mint

Until then, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers . . . I promise, I won’t forget either!  XOXO P.S. If you need a little laugh, Google “youtube baby lambs” ~ or watch THIS ONE. Too adorable for words! ♥ 

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