Hi Everyone!  Here I am, better late than never!  But first, yes, MUSICA. . .  “. . . Starts you asking a daisy, what to do, what to do . . .”

The Fairy Tale Girl

Well, shall we get right to it?  I think we should.  Because we have so many names to choose!  Vanna isn’t fooling around today; she’s wearing a chartreuse leotard diving outfit, she’s covered from head to toe.  (LOL)  On her it looks good (that LOL would be if I was wearing it).  There’s also a thin matching cape, of course, being the fashion icon that she is, a cape would  be de rigueur.  Plus her green bathing cap is covered with daisies and she’s barefooted with green polished toes. I love her.  She looks like a luna moth. So here we go, the luna mothvery dramatic moment when the human moth dives high and makes the perfect  jack knife ~~~ which has JUST turned into a corkscrew before my very eyes (she’s wrapped in her CAPE ~~~) and she’s DOWN!  Scissor-kicking to the bottom!  Applause! Applause!  OK, give her a second, she has some gathering to do.  She’s never had to get ten names all at once before!!!  Aaaaa-nd!  Here We GO!  Thank you Miss V . . . Our Number One Winner IS ~ from Scotland!  Well, That narrows it down a bit doesn’t it Girlfriends?  Her name is PENNY!  Yay for you Penny!  #2 Winner is CAROLINE, of “Tuesday Tea” fame! Vanna keeps going back down, grabbing slips of paper, and handing them to me . . . Aaaa-nd, earthOur number Three Winner is . . . CARRIE, of Northwoods Scrapbook!  Oh LOOK! Our number Four Winner is also from across the sea, from the Netherlands!  Her name is JESSE! Hi Jesse!

 We are the world, we are the children . . .

This is so exciting!  Almost like traveling!  Our Number Five Winner is much closer to home ~ ALICE IN WISCONSIN~LAND!  YOU GO GIRL!  AND, WINNER Number SIX is DONNA BRADLEY!  Hooray for Donna!  Oh MY, I can barely catch my breath from watching Vanna work so hard! Winner Number Seven is . . .  SNAP!  From Twistylane! (That’s the name she gave, so I assume that’s her name :-)).  Only three more to go Girlfriends ~ fingers crossed one of them will be YOU.   Winner Number Eight is . . . a Farmer’s Daughter by the name of CHERYL!  Our winner Number NINE lives in a House in a Thicket and her name is KRISTI JALICS!  And . . . last but not least, get ready for our Lucky Number Ten.  Ohhh, It’s one of our darling Dawns! The one with margowski in her email address! Hooray for Dawn!    

Well, I sure do hope one of these lucky people was you, this is always the hardest part, because you are all so wonderful . . . But, I guess that’s it, Gir. . .

Wait a minute . . . that good-hearted Vanna! You might know she’d try to sneak in another name.  She just handed me a slip of paper with one more Girlfriend on it!

thoughtful  Well, she went to all that trouble, I guess we can give away one more book!  Let’s see, our very, VERY Lucky Number Eleven is probably out in her garden, it’s “MISS JEAN!”

it takes a village

All of you Lucky Winners will be receiving, hot off the press, signed copies of THE FAIRY TALE GIRL, the very moment they arrive, magicsometime toward the end of August.  Watch for an email from me tomorrow ~ I’ll write each of you so you can send me your mailing addresses so we’ll know where to send the books when the time comes!

And I should also add, because I read every one of your comments, WOW.  Plain and simple. I am so lucky because I have YOU on my “Go-Girl Team,” you are the best cheerleaders in the world!!! With the emphasis on the cheer!  I love writing books for you! You warm the cockles of my heart.  Thank you so much for all of your kind words.  You’ll never know how much they mean to me. I feel like we’re in this together!

love thee like pudding So here’s another tiny clue in the unfolding of The Fairy Tale Girl:  Remember Diana in A FINE ROMANCE?  Remember how cute and funny she was over the phone?  Making me go on a date with Joe, telling me the bathrobes were like armor?  I don’t think you’ve ever really met her ~ so here she is, my dearest darling best friend, Diana . . . .Mas Musica


That’s her on the right, with short hair, which she NEVER has, her hair is always long ~ but it’s so cute!  I’m going to write her and tell her she’s on the blog today so she can see how cute she is.  She’s a big character in my new book.  One of the funnest funniest people I know.  I thought I should introduce you!  You’re going to love her.


So, one more little thing before I go . . . can you BELIEVE this weather we’re having now?  Wasn’t it just yesterday I posted this photo?


Remember the little red cardinal in the wisteria?


The house buried in the snow . . . the 14º days and the -10º nights?  Wasn’t that just yesterday?

ahhh spring

Well, Baby, look at us now! The next time we see all that snow, it will be Downton Abbey time again!



watering the garden

But now, we’re watering the garden . . .

breakfast in the pink

And, eating fresh juicy fruit salads . . .



Long road to the sea

Walking our dirt road through the trees to the water in the morning! My very favorite thing to do.

oh happy day

on the walk

This wild thing growing out there, subject of Morning Science, same old answer, we don’t know.  We’ve seen “Sleepy Catch-Eye,” but we don’t think this is it.

Wild thing, you make my heart sing . . .


lady slipper

More wild things . . . these are Lady Slippers . . . related to Orchids.  Rather amazing that they sleep under the snow, just waiting for a little sun. Too much.


lady slipper

Here she is . . . on the endangered list because people collect them (not us, heaven forbid!) and they take a long time to grow.  We leave them right where they are. They are so dusty-rose colored, they are hard to see, we think they camouflage themselves on purpose, for protection.  (Morning Science in action.)



This, we can pick all we want!  Spirea.  My new favorite bush, great in vases.



It grows even bigger than this, and has red leaves in the fall!  How could we not love it!


my dad and joe

 And this photo, just because.3hearts  My book has me reviewing so many years and times of my life, I’m reminded of this sunset on the beach with the boys, Blog Daddy and Joe.  The Fairy Tale Guys.  (I’m sure they would love to hear themselves called that!)  I know my dad will love seeing this.  Look at his skinny legs!  Ha ha ha ha ~ Oh, the power.  Love you all, thank you for everything, Happy Week! xoxo Moi.

tea cup


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Only Five Minutes More . . .

For starters, you need some . . . Frank!  MUSICA  Only Five Minutes more . . . or maybe we’ll take the whole weekend!

Hello Everyone

How are you?  Everything is good here . . . this music makes me so happy!  I’m still chugging away on the new book.  The first one goes to the printer on June 15 ~ we’ll see if I make it!  I’m still painting and adding photos and art to the pages. I decided yesterday it’s a very good sign that when I find the perfect quote for the perfect spot, I get tears in my eyes (sort of like I do at the end of a really good movie).  I can’t wait to show it to you!  

frolicking cat bird

But in the meantime, I thought we’d let our drawing for the giveaway go for a few more days . . . we have lots of books to give away!  I just want to make sure everyone’s had a chance to sign up.  So, if you haven’t, be sure to leave a comment, we’re giving away 10 of my new book, coming in August called THE FAIRY TALE GIRL ~ you can read all about it in the post just below this one.  By the way, did you catch it ~ on the edge of the new cover?  That the flowers are all missing a petal?  “He loves me, he loves me not . . .”  It’s a little clue.

In the meantime, I thought I’d share somemore Vineyard spring.  Birds are frolicking in our birdbath.  So fun to watch.  Only one out of three of those is real ~ the one surrounding himself in water drops.

Lily of the Valley

 Joe’s favorite flower is in bloom, the Lily of the Valley . . . thank you again to Mrs. Bowditch, the woman who owned our house from 1949 to 1980 ~ she left such a treasure for us. Funny how you can get to know a person like I’ve gotten to know the Bowditches, from the things they’ve left behind.

bouquet Lily of the Valley

I always have to bring in a little bouquet for the kitchen table . . . so we can bury our noses in them every so often.

Vintage Vase with Lily of the Valley

Like little bells . . .


Yes, when I get a good subject, I take a zillion photos!

Oh to be at MV

Today is the official start of summer here on the Island, no matter what the calendar says.  It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and literally overnight our town turns from a quiet little country outback into Vacation Central . . . people come from everywhere . . .

The ferry in Vineyard Haven

Boat after boat arrives . . .

Tourists unloading from ferry in vineyard haven

We like it . . . it’s a wonderful change from the quiet winter.  Plus we know it isn’t a year-round thing, so it’s always fun to see them come, and it’s always nice to see them go!  The best of all worlds. We have a weekend guest of our own to welcome off the boat today! The guest room is ready with Lily of the Valley as a welcome greeting.

Memorial Day Martha's Vineyard

And this is the event that happens every year on the Friday before Memorial Day ~ today!  A wonderful old tradition called The Children’s Walk to the Sea ~ it’s been going on here since the 1870s.  The Vineyard Haven Grammar School is just up the street from our house, so we get a birds-eye view of the parade every year as it passes by our house.  Isn’t it adorable? First comes the kindergarteners, followed by the 1st grade, on up to the 8th graders, and all their teachers too.

Children's Walk to the Sea Martha's Vineyard

And it comes complete with a marching band and George M. Cohan musica!

Memorial Day Parade Vineyard Haven

And, adorable children, carrying flags and bouquets of flowers.  They march through town, down to the water, where they throw their flowers into the sea in memory of those who have fought and died for our country.

Girl Kitty

Girl Kitty keeps an eye out for the kids!

my garden

And here’s our kitchen garden . . . Joe’s been raking and getting it ready while I’m inside “directing”  from my studio window! We’ll have strawberries soon if the catbirds leave us some! Time to plant tomatoes and lettuce and lemon thyme . . .


Our garden, though small, always makes us happy ~ it’s just enough to give us that “thank goodness it’s spring” feeling.  You can read more about it HERE:   Here are the basic elements that made it happen:



And look at this perky little goldfinch outside our kitchen window.  Hmm, he says, I taut I taw a puddy cat.


Oh yeah. No doubt about it.


Jackie keeps a watch.


So a little reminder for the holiday weekend, be spontaneous and keep it simple and have a WONDERFUL time.  Here’s a delicious potato salad recipe made with roasted potatoes you might like to try . . .

Warm Potato Salad

I’m going back to work in Fairy Tale Land ~  and guess what’s coming on TCM in about 10 minutes?  Pride and Prejudice!  The old one with Greer Garson and Laurence Olivier!  Perfection!  So lucky!  Have a great day Girlfriends.  Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for the drawing, be sure to leave a comment . . . we’ll do it next week.  Let Vanna frolic for the weekend!  You too!  XOXO Bye for now!

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