Lambie-Pie Cuddle-Bunch

There’s something new in the saga of Lambie-Pie Cuddle-Bunch, the lamb I painted in England which I’ve been wanting to show you and finally, today’s the day! (Here’s MUSICA, in honor of 1920′s Downton Abbey. )


So here we go . . . You know I’ve loved lambs for a long time . . . here’s one from my artwork that probably looks familiar to you . . .

Baby Love Fabric line

They’ve been in my calendars and a few years ago I added them to my BABY LOVE Fabric Line (there’s a teeny bit of this left in case you like it).

In Bibury

But the real and true falling-in-love-forever took place while we were in England.  Can you see why?  Bubble gum pink ears.  How could you not?


English sheep

Look at the smile on that mama . . .


Of course it was spring . . .



When a young girl’s fancy (and mine too) turns to . . .


Lambs . . . baaaaa!


on Windermere, Lake Dis.

Sheep dotted the landscape everywhere in England, baby lambs were jumping and leaping and playing in every meadow ~ across the Dales, up in the Peak District, in a field in front of beautiful Chatsworth.  Even next to freeways; they kept everything looking like a manicured park.


They had them in the buttercups at Hill Top Farm (with a bunny, of course) . . .


Castle Cottage

And in front of Castle Cottage . . .


Artists have been painting lambs since the beginning of time . . .

fine art

. . . representing a peaceful bucolic lifestyle . . .

The Fair Sheep

. . . in pastoral country settings . . .

painting sheep

And of course I included lambs in A FINE ROMANCE . . .


What would a book about England be without them?


painting sheep

You all remember the bookmark I made from one of the lambs I painted in the book? (If someone’s new to our blog and didn’t get one yet, HERE it is)

lamb on van

Then we put him on our Fine Romance Van for our cross-country tour — now back home in our driveway outside this frosty morning . . .


from Maddie

And then this arrived at my door last year ~ a little felted lamb made for me by twelve-year-old Maddie, the daughter of Sheri who works at our studio in California!  Isn’t it adorable?  Such a sweet thoughtful surprise!

a fine romance

While we were immersed in thoughts and baaing of sheep in England I noticed that although Beatrix Potter was very proud of the prize-winning sheep she raised on her farm in the Lake District, heroically saving the rare breed called Herdwick from extinction. . .

Beatrix Potter People

. . . She never made one of her darling characters a sheep.  A sheep with an apron and some children, a straw hat or a basket.  She’s got everyone else, but no lambs. I can’t help but wonder why!  Seems like a no-brainer for her, her cup of tea, and mine too. I think she probably got too busy with the real thing and just forgot!

Lambie Pie

So with time on my hands, painting and writing in my diary one early morning in England, I imagined Lambie Pie for myself and put her in our book. (More MUSICA? Same Vintage?  Okaaaay…)


Lambie Pie #2

When I got home, I painted her for the second time . . . this one was for . . .

Peter Rabbit

. . .this limited edition of the Peter Rabbit book I bought at the Hill Top gift shop . . .

Lambie Pie

. . . and when I got home we had a giveaway for it here on the Blog . . . Betsy Flannery won the drawing and the book, and that little piece of Lambie Pie art . . .


Lambie Pie goes to work

And here’s Lambie for the third time (which they always say is the charm) ~ she’s coming alive to me, I gave her some gloves and put her to work to do some spring cleaning in our 2015 calendar.  I’ve already named her children even though I haven’t painted them yet.  They are penciled in.


Lambie Pie Cuddle Bunch

a pictureNow look:  Here’s the point of this post, it’s what I wanted to show you . . . my Christmas present from Maddie this year!  A complete surprise!  Just before Christmas, Maddie read  A FINE ROMANCE . . .

Lambie Pie

. . . and then she made Lambie Pie from clay, matching my drawing and putting her next to Lake Windermere just like I did . . . because that’s where Lambie Pie was born.  I couldn’t believe it!  This is how it is, from Beatrix Potter, to me, to Maddie, and then, where else will it go?



from Maddie

Maddie knew I wished I had a Lamb to go with my other Beatrix Potter people, so she made it happen.  Isn’t she brilliant?  I’m still not over it.   Proof that there’s nothing you can’t have if you just make it yourself.  And look how she fits in!


lambie pie from the back

Three dimensional!  With curly back of the head, apron and flowers on the lawn!  How did she DO that?



Signed and dated!  Precious to me. ♥  Thank you Maddie, and Happy Birthday!

Sheri, Maddie, Bonnie, Kellee

That’s Maddie in the green and she is turning thirteen-years-old tomorrow!  She’s with some of my favorite people: her mom, Sheri, Bonnie, and Kellee in front of the picket-fence garden at our California Studio. ♥  They’re the ones that wrap all your orders from our webstore so cutely!


Lambie Pie Cuddle Bunch

I knew you’d want to see Lambie Pie!  Isn’t our world full of wonderful things?  And wonderful people!

flowersI hope you had fun dipping your toes back into England today.  I thought we deserved a little shot of fairytale springtime.  It made me think to tell you, if you remember places in England you’d like to see more pictures of, let me know, because I do have lots of photos!

I love this Blog!  It’s playtime!  How did I ever go through life without it?  I don’t know!  But I’ve got it now!  Thank you all for coming!  Have a wonderful day!  One more photo of lovely English Spring for you:


Wild orchids in Stourhead in Wiltshire, the place I hope we can all meet for a picnic when Joe and I go to England again.  It’s a wonderful place.  There are lambs there.  Byeee!  (oops, forgot to say, when Kellee gets in to work today she’s going to put up some Lambie Pie Wallpaper for your computer.  Just click HERE. ♥)


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Welcome to My World

Not to scare you or anything. . . but my world is always a year ahead of everyone elses.  People say, How come you don’t know what year it is?  This is the reason!   (MUSICA?)


That’s one of the bits of art I’ve been making these days . . . It feels so funny to be in 2015 when we’ve barely tapped into 2014, but that’s just the way it is.  I’m really not even done yet with 2013 and I’m living in months that no one has even dreamed of yet!  It’s May 2015 and I ‘m planting my garden!



 I’ve been getting up at my normal almost-middle of the night time ~ very early, like around 4 am, having the house all to myself (and my kitties with Joe still asleep), painting my little heart out, working on next year’s calendars, dipping my brush into water then into the colors and onto the paper (trying not to take a bit of IMG_3062cat hair with me because then of course I would have to charge extra).  Moon shimmers through the wavy glass of studio window, furnace hums with white noise, head buzzes with thought, clock on the fireplace mantel echoes with ticking right through the quiet, and me hovering over a clean white page: what shall I write?  What can I give them?  Which recipe shall I use? What subjects shall be explored?  Being “consciously creative” ~ and then thinking, oh!  That sounds like a good subject for the March page . . .

art for 2015

and so it is . . . and thinking maybe a lamb for April?

Lambie Pie Cuddle Bunch

Oh, how fun, let’s let Lambie Pie Cuddle Bunch from A FINE ROMANCE do some 2015 spring cleaning in . . .


for us. 

My world is very small these days, after all we live on an island and it is winter and I am working.  Since I have introvert tendencies, especially when I work, I am beside myself with silent joy.  I’m one of those people wishing winter could go on a little longer, regretting the sunset each night because of it.  The quiet is my refuge and I don’t particularly love it to be disturbed.  Come on snow storm, you do not scare me, I revel in your muffled tones.


mmmm winter

Of course, there is a big storm coming.  6″ to 10″ and -20 wind chill.  I may regret my uppityness.

birds in the snow Joe is a quiet person too, he would not love a yakking woman around him at all times, so he is lucky, because I am definitely not yakking, he can make his fires in quiet, hear his oak and pine logs crackling, the crinkling of his New York Times, the clicking keys on his computer.  We wake ourselves up by taking freezing-cold, wind-my diaryblasted walks to the water, going to the movies, out to dinner, but mostly, my world could fit inside a pan of watercolors.  It’s like when I was a child and I laid on my lumpy white chenille bedspread in my room and watched the leaf shadows play on the walls and day-dreamed for very long periods of time.  I write in my diary every night before bed, just random thoughts, plan my next page of art, and time my life around Downton Abbey and 4 pm tea.  It’s a good life. 

watercolors for 2015

And speaking of spring cleaning (remember Lambie Pie?), I have begun.  Slowly.  Starting two days ago, I have a new rule.  In my pantry there is a tall narrow set of shelves, just deep enough for a can of soup or a bottle of olive oil, but lots of shelves, maybe twelve, and each is about 4 feet long (and about 3″ deep).  There are things on there dated 2006.  Honestly.  Cute packaging sometimes gets to stay on the shelves longer than it should (excuses come so easily!).  It’s been bothering me.  My new rule, starting at the top, I’m doing one shelf a day ~ remove everything on it, check the date, if it’s no good, it gets thrown out.  Today is shelf #3.  My other rule, as you know, is start slow and taper off.

slow downDon’t we know it.

Joe and Dave

We were just back from our walk yesterday, stopping to visit with our friend Dave Maddox who’s house is at the entrance to our favorite dirt road in the world.  While he and Joe shot the breeze, I ran into this group of waddling guinea hens who were also out for a walk . . .

You can see I have not perfected my guinea hen call yet!  Nummy-nummy-nummy?  What is that.  Here, chicka-chicka-chicka?  Showing off my expertise in barnyard techniques. What do they answer to?  One of you must know.  Pat?  This was my first up-close and personal with this noisy type of part road-runner-part partridge bird ~ but I did know they mate for life.  You can tell, this was a family.  They also eat ants, spiders and ticks!  And, as you could see, they always knew where they were going.

That’s because they trust their instincts.  Not always as easy for us.  I used to worry myself silly when I couldn’t seem to find my path ~ it was very frustrating, and still is sometimes, until I get my bearings. Now I try to trust my instincts and . . .


And that’s all for today Girlfriends, time for my purpose under heaven these days and back to work I go.  Hope your winter is bringing you your own favorite kind of fulfillment.  If not, there sure are a lot of wonderful books out there . . . and so much inspiration lies between the covers.  Have you read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon?  2,419 five-star reviews can’t be wrong!  You will love it and I’m sure your local bookstore will have it in stock.   And, BTW, I ordered us a new batch of Girlfriends Charms.  It will take a couple of months to make them, but for all of you asking, they are coming!  And as soon as I get my calendars done, I’m going to write you a new Willard!  XOXO  Byeee for now, love you, me.

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