Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most often-asked questions I get via your emails and letters; both business and personal…I’m sure the list will grow over time; let me know what else you need answers to (but no math or anything like that).

paintingIs it OK if I borrow the art on your website to use on my blog?
We love it when people want to use my art — but if you’re making something with it to sell, the art and content on this site and on my products is copyrighted/protected; and would be done through LICENSING.
For online use; please EMAIL KELLEE and let her know if you’d like to use my art on your blog; we’d love a credit with a link back to www.susanbranch.com with each use.
Help yourself to BUTTONS.heart


Will you come speak to my group?

Who makes your fabric and where can I find it?
Quilt Market Award Winner
My FABRIC is made by Quilting Treasures, which is the division of Cranston (in Rhode Island) dedicated to the independent quilt store business (my fabric is not available in chain stores). If you would like to order my fabric for your store, please contact them (or with any comments you might have) at: http://www.quiltingtreasures.com/content95.html.

Susan Branch FabricWe always encourage you to spend your time and money at the wonderful, small, creative quilt shops across the country (they teach too!), but if you live too far away from a store, or simply can’t find it, we do carry a small selection of my fabric in our WEB STORE (for as long as it’s available; fabric is often gone before we know it).

Will you ever send your WILLARD Newsletter out again via Snail Mail?

We’re thinking about it, we’d love to; it was always free before, that’s what stops us… we would need to make it a subscription because the whole industry of snail mail has gotten so much more expensive. It’s sort of been on the back burner for a while, do you think we should? You can WRITE and tell me; but until then, you can sign up for our monthly WILLARD that comes to you free via email.

Do you sell or loan out your mailing list?
No, never, ever, ever.


Why is shipping so expensive?mail box
Several reasons, the price of gas is one of them. Another is that we’re not Amazon or Zappos, we’re small, so we don’t receive the lower prices (due to volume) that big companies do. We’ve thought of trying to “hide” the cost of shipping by including it in the price of the products we sell — but there’s no hiding it. Like hiding an elephant under the sofa. Emma cups for example…come from England, are so expensive we only order six, sometimes twelve at a time, but they are WONDERFUL, and collectible and I would buy them myself, so we want to have them. Add shipping, and we’re talking investment. I can’t tell you how hard we’ve tried to get the costs down. Some things we even pull out from the others and drive them to the post office ourselves because in some cases, not always, it’s cheaper to send things that way (we’re too small for the PO to do a pickup with us). The big shippers, who will come and pick up, give us one overall price, based on the price of the item, not on how far it goes. That’s the rules. We’re just happy we can still do it at all…

Do you accept advertising on your blog?
Yes, if I love the product and would use it and rave about it anyway. Emma could have an ad here anytime. Creative blogs too, food and cooking things would be good in our Home Cooking section; tea rooms, independent bookstores and fabric shops; yarn stores and cozy B & B’s; Cunard and Amtrak, something wonderful about places and events on Martha’s Vineyard or in England. Here’s how you can contact us about ADVERTISING.

out of printWhy can’t I find stickers and other things?
We don’t manufacture things ourselves; artwork and design is licensed and products are sold wherever the manufacturer chooses, for as long as they like, which, unfortunately, these days, isn’t long. (That’s why nothing stays in stock in our store very long.) Manufacturers are always looking for “new.” Getting a product that would be around forever and never change, like Lifesavers or Levis, is fairly impossible today; the manufacturers really don’t do it anymore. They say the market wants new. (We know, we don’t like either.) When my products come out, we purchase as much of it as we can for our WEB STORE (otherwise we never know where it’s being sold), but it’s only a matter of time until it’s gone and no more to be found. We get calls all the time from people looking for a certain teapot or fabric or scrapbook. Your best bet for old out of stock items is Ebay. Sorry, I don’t have a better answer than that!

Also, for new product, a manufacturer has to CONTACT US and request to LICENSE my art. And here’s where you can help, because we would really like to have stickers and scrapbooking things again. There are several wonderful manufacturers out there, who would no doubt LOVE to hear your thoughts on the subject. You can email them and suggest that you would like to see Susan Branch stickers — or really whatever product you’re interested in! Because you, as the consumer, are most powerful of all. Who knows, maybe they will call us! Here are a few links to some manufacturers; and you being your creative self, may have your own ideas; just direct your questions to the Licensing Departments and include our web site address… www.susanbranch.com . And p.s., thank you.heart

EK Success (includes Kay and Company); for stickers and scrapbooking
Hallmark (for stationery and greeting cards, and probably everything else!)
Wilton love their fun products–lots of baking things we’d love to see Susan’s art on!
Checks in the Mail; We know, everyone wants checks! Us too….
Esportia; these are the people who made our jammies!: (626) 301-0280

Do you carry other things in your web store besides Susan Branch products?
Emma BridgewaterYes, we do. Because we find things we fall in love with, books or cooking things, special garden things like our BEE SKEP, darling dish towels, Vintage things when we’re on a road trip; things I have in my own house and think you might like too.

Are you ever going to tell us how you and Joe met?what a doll
It was pure luck on my part, sitting in the right chair in a restaurant at the right time. I love love stories, so I just wrote ours into my next book. I was saving it for the right time. Now that we just celebrated 24 years together, I think I can safely write about it — looks like we’re going to make it! (Knocking on wood).

What got you started cooking?cooking badge
Well, the real beginning was the brownies and peanut butter cookies I was baking at around ten years old. I’m the oldest of eight children and we had lots of lunch boxes going out of the house every day! I was also in charge of the bowl and beaters, and learned early about the good feeling you get when someone says, “Mmmmmm, can I have more?” That was reason enough.heart
But cooking as a passion, for me, happened in a flash of a moment — it was a vision of inspiration that changed my life. And (I hate to say this, I don’t mean to tease) I also put that story in my next book. It’s long, you don’t want it here anyway. Sorry, don’t be mad. It’ll be fun in the long run, you can have tea with the book.

When is your next book coming out?
I keep fooling around writing this, painting new fabric and calendars (having tea, visiting my family, working in the garden), also Twittering, writing Willards, checking Facebook to see what the FOSB are up to, and every other thing, because I really love our connection and have gotten slightly addicted to all the back and forth between us. Procrastination is my middle name; which causes all sorts of problems and slows down the book. But it’s coming.
Now that the blog design is done and up, I’m really buckling down, refusing to let myself get distracted; start early, quit late; focused like a laser, protecting myself from dangerous outside influence. I’ll be dedicated and discip . . . Oh! Did you see that? My girlfriend Martha just walked past my window; wonder where she’s going. Her daffodils are blooming. Is she coming here? I better go check….heart


Art and Content for Susanbranch.com is protected by registered copyrights. Please ask before using.

486 Responses to FAQ

  1. Barbara Rubino says:

    Dear Susan –
    Over the years since you started your wonderful career of writing, designing and everything else I love I have been buying your cook books and many other things over the years as well as buying the same for my two daughters and daughter-in-law. Love your website, subscribed to your newsletter and because of a lack of book stores in Santa Barbara it is not easy to find your talent in the stores. I am looking for an Engagement calendar with 2017 dates accordingly, not one with just days that I notice you are going to sell and also an address book that you are in the process of designing and selling. Do you make the Engagement calendar as requested and can I order by phone, I am not an online shopper, and if so what number do I call. Thank you for your patience in reading my e-mail.

    • sbranch says:

      Write customerservice@susanbranch.com and ask Sheri ~ she may think of something I’ve forgotten . . . We do have the address book, but the only engagement calendar would be my book of Days ~ a perpetual calendar, so although the months and days are there, you would have to write in the days of the week, i.e. “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.” Hope this helps!

  2. Judy Pusateri says:

    I made the lavender polenta cake over the weekend (I have made it two times before and it was delicious). This time it tastes a bit greasy. Any thoughts as to why that would be?

    • sbranch says:

      Not really. I’m sorry, I’ve never had that happen. It can’t be the heat, because it bakes in the oven! I can’t imagine. Maybe you used a different kind of butter? I didn’t stipulate what kind of butter to use, but I’ve heard that some kinds have more water in them, and some use vegetable oil… that’s all I can think of!

  3. Charlene says:

    Hi Susan, Just a note to say I have just finished Isle of Dreams, and it was so good!!! I have read all three now and hope there will be another one in the future. It is wonderful you have been able to incorporate all your talents into one and produce such beautiful entertainment for so many. Thank you,

  4. lorraine arias says:

    lorraine from calif my sister just brought me Isle of Dreams i have never heard if it before found it in a small tea shop in clarmont ca love the story felt so sad in the beginning but i was so happy u were happy and laugh so hard about dune buggy i will get the other 2 books when i can get extra money .i learned so much about life thur your book we can be lonely and survive thank you .

  5. J Bove says:

    Could you please give permission and a nice format to print out Aug 2016 blog addendum of “What ever happened to Holly Oak”. So we, whom already have “Isle of Dreams” can print and tuck into the back of the book…would be much appreciated.

  6. Lori Hall says:

    Well hello Susan, first of all I want to thank you for the inspiration you have given me in all aspects of my journey the past 3 years. I have the full collection of your books, etc. and I anxiously await more to come in the near future. I have but one question for you….I remember reading in one of your blogs/Willard newsletters of a story you shared with us called “PANCAKES” and you mentioned you would be including it in one of your books, but I have not seen it anywhere. I absolutely love that heartfelt story and was wondering if you could share it again for everyone that follows your blog so they could enjoy.

    Thank you and have a lovely day

    • sbranch says:

      I thought I would save that wonderful story for my PANCAKES cookbook, hopefully I’ll get there sooner rather than later . . . it would be perfect there! And thank you Lori!

  7. Jane Bellnier says:

    Just started reading Isle of Dreams. LOVE IT !!!! Been there many times…family members live in OB. Love your style. Cannot wait to continue the read.

    Thanks for bringing back some memories

  8. LS Lauer says:

    I got your blog for years. I switched to MS 10 and no longer get it. I have signed up several times with no luck. Please explain which blog delivery system I should use. I do not belong to any social network. I use only plain old email. Thank you

  9. soosan brown says:

    Hi Susan~
    a question about your Homemade Marshmallow recipe…

    After the ‘mixture’ is poured into the 9×9 pan, it says to “sprinkle the reserved powdered sugar-cornstarch mixture over the top and set aside”. Later on, in the recipe, it states “roll each marshmallow in the powered sugar mixture.”
    Can I assume then, the ‘sprinkle ‘ of the mixture over the top, is NOT the entire amount remaining??
    Will be making these when I visit my G’kiddos next week!!

    Love your books; love the photos; love your drawings!!


    • sbranch says:

      There’s a bunch of powdered sugar on the top of the marshmallows, and you’ll cut them into squares and roll them in that. Have fun!

  10. Tamrajo says:

    You are such a kindred spirit❤️
    Keep that happy gene 👍

  11. sue says:

    This is not a comment, though I just love your books. Such inspiration! I have a question. I have been collecting your books through the years. I just purchased a used “Autumn” book, that did not have a book jacket. I am starting a collection for my daughter so I can give them to her for her wedding. I am wondering if you have an extra book jacket for this book, which I would be glad to purchase.
    Sue Bonacci

  12. Pam says:

    Dear Susan,
    Your “political” article helped settle my heart & soul. I sent it on to my 3 children, & to many of my friends that also needed comfort/reassurance that we will survive these next few years.
    Thank You for your openness & honesty.

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Pam! You are kind to write . . . we’ll survive, and see what happens next in this adventure of life. xoxoxo

  13. Kellie DeMaio says:

    Dear Susan,
    I just finished reading Isle of Dreams. Enjoyed the book very much. I just “discovered you” and will look forward to purchasing more of your books. Your are a breath of fresh air! Thank you, Kellie

  14. victoria diotte says:

    Hello – I am a faithful Susan Branch small calendar person. In the past few years you have not included the small previous-month and next-month in the upper corners of the calendar. I have a photo example – let’s see if I can plug it in here: no luck
    In anycase I end up cutting the little calendars from the back of last year’s calendar and taping them left and right of the current month’s header page. Sometimes once the month changes you need to look back or forth to double check a date, etc.
    If you would consider putting those little calendars back on the page it would be very helpful!
    Thanks! – Vikki

    • sbranch says:

      Our only problem is space, Victoria. I see what you’re talking about in the 2015 mini calendar, I have done that sporadically ~ but to do it, I have to take out a lot of art, so there’s a trade off. For example in the new 2017 calendar, the January page, those little dates would take up half the space in the bottom where the “Feed your soul” quote is. So I moved that information to the last page of the calendar, if you just lift up December, it’s all right there.

  15. Deb Sommer says:

    I’m interested in beginning meditation. What program do you use?

    • sbranch says:

      I don’t use one anymore, I’ve done it so long, I just repeat the same things over to myself to do it now. I haven’t found anything I’ve liked as much as what I learned on, which was guided meditation. I’m thinking of recording what I do for myself, for others . . . when and if I find some time. I think you are brilliant to learn. It’s hard to do it when you just start off by trying to be quiet. Try to find something, a class or a tape, that’s guided. Good luck Deb! I think it’s a life changer!

  16. SusanA says:

    Hi, Susan. Is there a way to search your blog? I can’t find a Search feature and hope I haven’t overlooked it. I’d love to be able to look up past things I’ve read and would like to revisit–at the moment, that would be your posts about your trips to the UK. I wanted to share them with a friend who has never been to your blog, but I don’t remember what months or years you wrote about them (except for your current trip to Scotland, of course, since I’m reading about that now).

    • sbranch says:

      Read the archives (right side column of the blog) for 2013 … Also, at the top there is a drop down under I LOVE ENGLAND, and there are 2 posts for the Index of A Fine Romance, with lots of links and videos … also in that drop-down is going to Beatrix Potter’s Hill Top. Another way to go, Google Susan Branch, and then the word you want, like “Jane Austen” or “Charleston” and that will take you to the blogs that show those things. “Lake District” “Yorkshire Dales” etc. Hope this helps!

      • SusanA says:

        Interesting, using Google to search a blog. I’d never tried that until now. Unfortunately, “Susan Branch Yorkshire” yielded only one post from 2012; same thing with “Susan Branch Footpaths.” “Susan Branch England” revealed two posts from 2016, but I know you wrote more than that about your trips. I’ll give my friend those links, at least, and suggest she go through the 2013 posts one by one if she wants to read more. Thanks for the reply.

        • sbranch says:

          It’s actually the months of April and May of 2012 for the posts while we were in England. Tell your friend to start HERE and just click forward with each post.

  17. Annmarie Morgan says:

    Hi Susan, I just wanted to let you know that your blog is like food to my soul! I am a mom of two and I struggle with depression and anxiety. Life is hard right now, better than it’s been, but still hard. I just found your blog about a month ago and can’t stop reading your posts. While I’m reading, I just imagine that I don’t have the weight of the world on my shoulders for a few minutes. I am able to open my heart and let the sunshine in. I imagine that we’re sitting at a table with a cup of coffee or tea, and I’m just enthralled with all of your stories! Thank you so much! I feel like deep down, beyond the anxiety and the battles with my mind, our hearts are very much the same. Thank you again for being you and sharing your heart with all of us!

    • sbranch says:

      I’m so happy to hear from you, Annmarie. Depression is such a soul robber, I’m glad you are finding respite. Never give up, there is help, and nothing EVER stays the same, that is a true promise! xoxo

  18. Laura Brown says:

    Hi Susan,
    May I ask the name brand of the watercolor paint pallet used in the photo of this blog posting? I’ve been unsuccessful locating the same one in a search of the internet. Thanks so much! Hope your CA trip continues to be amazing!

    • sbranch says:

      I got that at Michaels, but later discovered that if you erased over it, some of the colors would smear. Not recommending it! Too bad because it had lots of nice colors.

  19. Carrie Cline says:

    Are you going to have the miss right Winkle figurine? She’s my favorite and did didn’t see it

    • sbranch says:

      You mean Miss Tiggy-Winkle? Those wonderful Beatrix Potter figurines are vintage from the 40s and 50s. We get them when we can find them, mostly from antique stores when Joe and I are on our travels, and we pass them on in the Vintage part of our web store. We’re always looking for them, and the moment Miss Tiggy-Winkle shows up, we’ll put her there, so be sure to check back!

  20. Jen Skelton says:

    Dear Susan, I just got the latest copy (Spring 2017) of King Arthur Flour’s “Sift” and there is a nice article about the Behind the Bookstore cafe-restaurant in Edgartown. Since you probably already know about the place I thought you might be interested to see it. 🙂

  21. Dear Susan,

    I love your works, especially A Fine Romance. It gives me hope that I may find fellow – or rather he may find me. And warms my heart. Also, your art is lovely.


  22. Eileen Divietro says:

    hi Susan,
    I know this is the question and answer part of your blog.. but I thought I would give it a whirl to see if my message disappears like it has been over the last few days. .. Just hoping to help… 🙂

  23. Karen Werth says:

    Dear Susan,
    I recently read Edie Clark’s book “Saturday Beans & Sunday Suppers, Kitchen Stories from Mary’s Farm”. A lovely book I bought while vacationing in Maine. It made me think of you and your writings and I thought I would pass on it’s title in case you haven’t read it. I love following you in your books and your Blog. Just purchased a few copies of your new Gratitude book to give to friends. Happy Spring and thank you for always lifting up the spirit of your readers and making us smile. Karen

  24. Kaye Edwards says:

    Hello, Susan! I just finished the Isle of Dreams book and thoroughly enjoyed it. You have inspired me to keep a diary/journal, and I was wondering what type of book you like to keep your daily notes in? Bound, spiral or on computer? Fancy or simple? Would you consider creating a diary to sell? You certainly could create beautiful diaries, and your writing inspires people to keep them.

    • sbranch says:

      I just pick whichever one appeals to me when I go diary hunting. Usually bound, because your book should be handled often and needs to be strong. Not computer, the real thing, with handwriting, that’s the important part, besides what’s in it. I like lines, but sometimes I ignore them. I am considering designing a diary right now. I thought I would put a few line drawings in it so it could be part coloring book. Plus my own art, and quotes. I just wonder how many people would want such a thing. xoxo

  25. Wendy Forthun says:

    Hi Susan. I am a huge fan and have been for years! I have all your cookbooks and they are still my favorites after all these years. I love the art work as well as the delicious recipes and inspirations. One of my favorites is the Peach & Plum Crisp, pg 113 “The Summer Book” Sooooooo Yummmmmy!!! I have been winging the bake time for years and am just curious how long it should bake? I am stoked that I have found your website. Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my family for many years with your inspired good eats.

    • sbranch says:

      I know. I forgot that little thing! 25-30 minutes, but you already know that! Thank you Wendy, wonderful to hear from you!

  26. Margaret Cahill says:

    Just found your site. Kindered souls.

  27. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Is it ok if i use snippets frm my old Susan Branch calendars to decorate my envelops or packages i mail to friends? I like to recycle in this way by cutting out sayings and art to put on the outside of letters but will only do so if it is ok with you and doesn’t violate your licensing.

  28. Sharon Kadel says:

    Wowza!!! What a beautiful newsletter. So much thoughtfulness into one writing for a new newsletter for me. My first. Yay!!! I’m hooked.

    Thank you soooo much,

  29. Gerri Trudell says:

    Do you have extra address pages for my
    Heart of the home Address Book by Susan Branch?

    • sbranch says:

      The folks that made the address books didn’t include extra, I’m sorry to say … although you can check with stationery stores to find some that may fit.

  30. Monica says:

    Hello Susan,

    I live on the Central Coast of California, and loved going to your store in the village of Arroyo Grande. I miss the store and was sorry to see it go however wonder if you still have a home in the area, or if you now permanently reside on the East Coast. I attended one of your book signings a few years ago at the “windmill” farm in Nipomo and enjoyed meeting you.

    • sbranch says:

      I loved that store ~ it was a fun three years. But it was like a toy, it cost me more to have it than it brought in! I was always shopping for antiques for it and cutting roses from my garden to decorate it. Cutest little store in all the land! My studio is still in Arroyo Grande, where Kellee and Sheri work. But we live here in Martha’s Vineyard. I remember the Nipomo signing very well. Thank you for saying hello Monica!

  31. Amy McNulty says:

    I’m a longtime admirer of your artwork and have used your beautiful stickers in my scrapbooks, but I just recently discovered your wonderful books from an ad in Yankee Magazine.
    Chronic health issues prevent me from traveling to the places I’ve dreamed of seeing, so vicariously visiting Hill Top Farm with you was magical, and I was enthralled while reading every page and every adventure in “A Fine Romance.”
    I wanted to tell you about another series of books that take place in the Lake District you so loved visiting, and that had this same magical effect on me. Susan Albert Wittig wrote a series of 8 books, The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, that tell Beatrix’s story from the death of her first fiance through her wedding to Will Heelis.
    The books are mysteries, which isn’t my favorite genre, but I *loved* them because of how vibrant & alive Beatrix Potter felt to me while I was reading them. One very sweet aspect of the books is that when dogs bark or cats meow or other animals make their “animal noises,” Beatrix actually understands what they’re saying (although no other people do) – and the animals can also understand what she says to them!
    These are the book titles:
    1: the tale of hill top farm
    2: the tale of holly how
    3: the tale of cuckoo brow wood
    4: the tale of hawthorne house
    5: the tale of briar bank
    6: the tale of applebeck orchard
    7: the tale of oat cake crag
    8: the tale of castle cottage
    Thank you for all of the beauty and joy you bring to the world!

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you back Amy, so nice to hear from you. And thank you for spreading the word of these charming books. I have also enjoyed them, my first was read while on one of our trips to England. Just plain sweetness and light! xoxo

  32. Jodette Huckins says:

    Enter me please – I love your new dishes!

  33. Please ENTER ME…thank you for EVERYTHING! You are awesome 👏! So talented… I heart ❤️ you!

  34. maggie b in nevada says:

    I just laid out your Autumn book on the corner of my kitchen counter and will love looking through it.

  35. Rebecca Bartelt says:

    Dear Susan, I just have to tell you ,before another year passes,what you bring into my life. Many days I am home bound due to illness. I am blessed in more ways than I can count. I have a wonderful Joe-like husband, two sweet precious Dogs,a house with more warm cozy places to relax ,refresh and restart in than I can count. And among the best blessings is YOU. On days when I simply can not move due to pain, I settle in with one or all of your books. You can say more in a sentence than most of us say in a long paragraph. I just adore you and I thank you with all of my heart. With appreciation and love, Becky Bartelt

    • sbranch says:

      Oh Becky, you are so kind to tell me. I wish I had a magic wand. That’s all I would need to be truly happy. Instead, I stop to say a prayer for your pain to ease. xoxoxo

  36. Gretchen Bugden says:

    Hi Susan I just read the last page of your book Isle of Dreams ,it spoke to me when I picked it up at The Arroya Grande Library .I started reading and was amazed that you were from SLO.I have had a similar journey leaving Australia for Whitefish Montana to find a new life i went through my first snowy winters and did lots of soul searching, now I am in Pismo Beach and found so many parallels to your life .I loved your book , you have given me hope again in happy endings .Thank you for this wonderful journey through Martha’s Vineyard and your ihe nterest g story .

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you Gretchen! How nice to hear from you! Pismo is pretty heaven . . . I hope you are loving it there. You’ve traveled a long way! xoxo

  37. Sharen L. says:

    Dear Susan,

    An important day of recognition is coming December 16. What a remarkable way to mark these days of preparation for Christmas, by remembering those whose sacrifice was great.



    Merry Christmas to you!

    Sharen L.

  38. Tracey says:

    I’ve had your book “Christmas JOY” for years and just rediscovered it this year, blocked by something else on my bookshelves. It been such a busy season and it’s really helped me catch my breath and settle down to savor the season. I remember being enchanted when I first found it in the store, and that magical feeling came back as I pages through it tonight. Then, I realized I could look on the Internet to see what you’re up to now.

    What a JOY to find your blog! I immediately signed up for Willard, and will enjoy reading through the archives this winter.

    Thank you, thank you for sharing your sweet and beautiful art and wonderful words with the world. I wish you a very Merry Christmas! ❤️

  39. Elizabeth says:

    I love the little glass charms, but notice that most of them are SOLD OUT. Will more be made?

  40. Penny henson says:

    Hi Susan! My friend and I have all your books. We want to visit Mathias vineyard this spring. Would you be able to tell us where is the most economical location to fly into and visit Martha’s Vineyard and the best time to visit without the crowds. I would like to tell you more about the circumstances but would like to do it via email
    Thank you so very much

    • sbranch says:

      Well, because we never fly here, it’s kind of a question, but we do have an Island airport, and we also have a ferry boat. I would imagine it’s easiest and least expensive if you fly(?) into Boston (not sure where you’re coming from), grab a bus right there at the airport, which will take you to the ferry in Woods Hole for the 45 min. ride to the island. Hope this helps. Google MV Chamber of Commerce for lots more information!

  41. Amy says:

    Is it possible to purchase your books and products wholesale. Would love to offer them in my shop in Lancaster County, PA.

  42. Marti Snider says:

    I’ve just recently discovered your books and what a find! I feel like I’ve uncovered buried treasure. I just love every aspect of them — your humanism, your optimism, your joy at the changing seasons, your sense of adventure, your perfectly chosen quotes, your bravery in coping with loneliness and heartbreak, and, of course, your lovely artwork. I could go on and on because the list of things I’m enjoying just seems endless. I look forward to continuing to read your work and hope that you will continue to publish. You are an inspiration and have come into my life at a time when that inspiration is so very welcome. Thank you.

    • sbranch says:

      You’re a doll Marti, thank you so much. And welcome to the neighborhood! You will find many kindred spirits here!

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