The Wonderful Magical Moon . . . Bella Luna ♥


If you live to be a hundred, you’ll experience about 1,200 wonderful magical full moons in your lifetime.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s not really enough.

♣     ♣     ♣

Because I make wishes on everything from lady bugs to hay trucks to dandelions, falling leaves I catch in midair, to first stars and birthday candles, of course I make wishes on the full moon.  I can’t resist; there it is spreading light on the whole world.  I would love to be a part of that. 

So, I thought I’d do my year-in-review by moonlight;  here are a few of the moons you and I have shared this year.  And here’s a little night music to go with them  . . . (you can click and come right back and listen while you scroll down. )

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one . . .

My favorite is when the moon comes up over Vineyard Haven harbor, peeks through the maples and birches into my backyard, and shines a silvery path across the frosted lawn to my kitchen door.  This was taken just the other night from our porch; it’s the “Long Night’s Moon,” as the December full moon was called by Native Americans.

Coming home from a long trip, we crossed the stormy sound by boat at midnight . . . our way was lit by stars and the full Hunter’s Moon of October.

Pismo Beach, California; a balmy moonlit night after a walk on the beach.

Overlooking Edgartown harbor and the “on-time” ferry to Chappaquiddick . . . wearing hats, scarves, gloves, it’s cold out there!

Bella Luna . . . The Harvest Moon comes up right at the end of our street.  I wait for it.  It also wakes me up at night, calls me to the window.

I know it shines down on the whole world . . . how many are standing at their windows right now?

Or maybe at the rail of a ship crossing the Atlantic . . . One of my favorite of my lifetime allotment of 1,200 moons.

Driving 101, on the Central Coast of California, heading south past Shell Beach in August, and there she was!  Mrs. Green Corn Moon herself. Beautiful, beautiful moon.

In April, we twirl and make wishes on the “Pink Moon.”

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.  George Carlin

Woods Hole, on a blustery night just after a storm blew through, and bella luna.

The Strawberry Moon coming up through the cottonwoods at our California house.

No privacy; the moon comes peeping over the barn and lets herself in through our bedroom window.

This is what we see in our “room with a view” when we cross the country by train; from our sleeping car window there are beautiful sunsets and amazing moonrises, like this one, over the New Mexico desert.

No moon?  There’s always a full moon at the Griffith Park Observatory in Hollywood where we went last April.

I’m standing out in front of my house looking toward the harbor by way of the moon.  The best things in life are free. 

This is where we walk every day, out a dirt road through the woods that opens onto this pond and the sound — in the summer we come down for the sunset and go home with the moon rise.

The stars are just coming out, find one and make a New Year’s wish!

 Happy New Year to everyone! In 2014, when you look up, just tell the driver:

Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars.   Les Brown

And just in case you’d like a little more moon–here you go!


(If I had a gypsy soul, which this song almost makes me think I do, this would make me want to tie long scarves to my fingers, and dance barefoot to the bella bella moon . . .)

Here’s a little S.B. memorabilia for you for the New Year . . . It’s a bookmark you can print out, with all the dates for all the full moons for 2014 so you don’t miss a thing!  It also includes the Native American names for each month’s moon.  If you want one more reminder, we also made a moon wallpaper for your computer.

And don’t forget to make your wish . . . It’s a marvelous night for a moondance . . .

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R !

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281 Responses to The Wonderful Magical Moon . . . Bella Luna ♥

  1. Lori from Maine says:

    Good morning Susan (and girlfriends who are awake at this early hour). Thank you for the bella luna pictures – that’s what I named my bright yellow kayak! Have to tell you this: hubby and I were getting a few groceries and as I headed to the checkout I saw something familiar out of the corner of my eye…a S.B. 2012 calendar. It called me!!!! I bought it and like a little kid had to tear the plastic wrap off of it the second I was in the car! I couldn’t see anything because it was dark – but, YAY – we needed to get gas, So I got to look thru the whole thing. I was going to “save” it and read it later with a cup of tea, but I couldn’t wait. Susan, what a beautiful job you did. It’s so pretty and so much fun to look at. I know I’ll enjoy it right thru until NEXT Dec. 31!
    No big plans for New Year’s Eve. We may go out to dinner, but there’s not much open at this time of year…you must know that from being on the Vineyard. Then we’ll watch a movie, see the new year in, smooch and probably watch another movie! We like to stay home where it’s safe and sound and that way we can also kiss the dog @ midnight! You and Joe and kitties have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and a peaceful new year ahead. xoxo from SWH ME

  2. Tasha says:

    Thank you for a lovely, lovely post. Don’t know why but it made me want to shed a few tears for the beauty of it.
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2012. I’m looking forward to reading lots more posts.

  3. EsSuzy says:

    Susan, thank you for the saying about the waxing and waning moon. I can’t imagine I’ve never heard that. I’m always on the lookout for the full moon. I get up in the middle of the night sometimes when it’s shining like daylight and look out the windows. I also go out at night or early morning to look at the stars. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this, but one saying I always hear in my ear when the sky looks rosy at sunrise or sunset is “Red sky at morning: sailors take warning, red sky at night: sailors delight.” Happy New Year, Susan!! XO SusanL.

  4. Sandy Richmond says:

    I love this post! Love the song Moondance, love the movie Moonstruck – all kinds of things happen under that big moon in Moonstruck.. I am an early riser like you. I live in a small town, and never see the stars from my bedroom window because of the street lights. But I can always see the moon. Some nights it shines so bright, the moonlight wakes me up.. Thank you for the bookmark. What a nice gift to all of us! Wishing you and Joe and the kittens a Happy New Year!

  5. nicole says:

    beautiful post!
    The moon was my best friend during the long hours I couldn’t sleep last year!
    In france we have shutters that we close to keep the cold outside. But at the moment, I just an’t close these shutters, even if now, I sleep most of the time!
    Bonne année!!

  6. Barb says:

    Hello Susan,

    Thank you for a year of delight!
    For sharing your blog, is just the Best Site!
    Your artwork is so beautiful, your stories you tell.
    The snipits of your life moments for all of us to see
    The quotes you use, just jump right out at thee.

    May all your wishes come true and A Very Happy Healthy New Year to you
    and Joe.

    Barb J.

  7. Philippa says:

    Lovely post and photos.
    Happy New Year to you and your family and all those who read this. May 2012 be a good year for everyone.

  8. debbie says:

    I ♥ the moonlight over the water! Lovely. This is such a wonderful reminder to enjoy all the little (and free!) joys in life. Thank you Susan! xxxooo and wishing you and the girlfriends a year filled with peace, joy and love!!

  9. Nina says:

    Thank you Susan for this beautiful post! Also thankyou for starting this blog in 2011! I can’t imagine you have any idea of the joy you’ve created doing this!Looking forward to what you have to share with us girlfriends in 2012!
    Wishing a Happy & healthy new year to you and Joe and the kittys!

  10. Claudia says:

    It’s a marvelous night for a moondance… – Oh, how I love that song. A little Van Morrison on New Year’s Eve seems perfect to me. I must admit I don’t know all the different names for the moon’s various phases. Harvest moon, yes, and hunter’s moon (?) – I’d like to learn more. About 3 weeks ago, I was driving to pick up my husband from work and as I drove over the top of the hill, there was the moon – huge and low on the horizon – a big, round orangey color. It was breathtaking. And magical! Happy New Year, Susan!


    • sbranch says:

      Go Here and see all the names for the moon, you can print that out, fold it in half, and it’s a bookmark . . . I also put the moons on my calendars every month. Happy New Year Claudia! That moon sounds magical!

  11. Marie (from Virginia) says:

    Susan~you ARE a part of spreading light on the world. Great post! Thanks for the bookmark!

    To you, and the girlfriends, a happy, healthy, peaceful, 2012!

    Marie xo

  12. Nancy Taylor says:

    What a wonderful way to start my day here in Texas!!! I feel as if I have been on a wonderful journey already…before any of my neighbors have gotten out of bed. Thank you for the beautiful photos and inspiration. From my new kitty, Christmas, and my mini Aussie, Willa Louise, and me~~~~Happy New Year to you, Joe, and your precious furry companions!

  13. Jacqui G says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say Good Morning and Happy New Year! I haven’t had time lately to comment, but I do read every new posting of your lovely blog. This is my last crazy night…. then more time for meeeee… Did you see the moon a couple of nights ago- it was smiling at me like a Cheshire cat- is there such thing as a Cheshire cat moon? Happy New Year!!!!! xoxo Jacqui

    • sbranch says:

      Not yet! 🙂 But there should be!

    • melinda w says:

      Yes, Jacqui!! You speak our language! My 3 daughters & i are fans of A in W, and when the sliver-moon appears, the first one to spot it points to the sky saying, “there’s Chesh (as he’s called in the live-action movie)!”

  14. Suzanne in Sydney, Australia says:

    I had just noticed our beautiful moon shining through the trees on a balmy summer new year’s eve night down here. Fireworks are going off as we are about to welcome in 2012. Our dog almost breaking a leg each time a “boom” goes off, he leaps to his feet, slipping and sliding on the polished floorboards as he tries to run and “catch” the noise.

    Good health, peace, happiness, contentment and many more blog entries in 2012 Susan.

  15. Suzanne in Sydney, Australia says:

    Susan, I have tried over the last few years to find your calendars in our stores in and around Sydney but to no avail. Are there any distributors here that you know of?? I had tried ordering through your store but was not able to place an overseas order.

    I used to have a friend in California who would buy the calendar on my behalf which was great, have missed getting it. Any ideas?

    • sbranch says:

      Hi again Suzanne . . . I think we do now send overseas, write to and she will arrange it — I don’t know if we have any distributors there — I don’t actually manufacture the calendar myself, I just design it for a company that does. Hope this works for you!

  16. Gail says:

    Dear Susan, I have loved all of your beautiful posts since you started this blog, but this one is truly magical! Your photography and sentiments are too lovely for words. Just the perfect thing for New Year’s Eve Day. Happy celebrating to you and Joe. Peace and contentment in 2012. xoxox

  17. Suzanne in Sydney, Australia says:

    2012 here – dog hugged on your behallf (also keeps him still 🙂 )

  18. Pamela Jewett says:

    Hello Susan,

    We are up really early this morning and I just wanted to take a peek at my emails. So naturally I also checked your blog. What a treat. I love the moon theme and all of the lovely photos and music. Thank you!
    My favorite moon “ditty” is the “I see the Moon and the Moon sees me” song. It’s cute and is fun.
    Happy New Year to you…..may we all have good things in 2112.
    Bye for now,

  19. Gert says:

    Dear Susan…I love this post! The moon has always intrigued me…you have gotten some amazing shots, I just love them!! I guess I always think about the fact that…no matter where we are, we can all look out our window…or step outside and see the same ‘moon’ at the same time…smile… Just another connection with each other in this universe!

    Blessings my friend…& of course enjoy your New Years Eve and thank you for being YOU!


  20. Ann Y. says:

    Wonderful photos….loved the year of moons. And that song, “the moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free” reminds me so much of my mom. She has been gone for 6 years, but her birthday is next week and she always used to sing that song. I think it is because she was a Depression Kid and the fact that something was FREE was good for her. Thanks for the reminder. And thanks for the bookmark – how did you know I needed it? I got up way early this morning to finish a book that needs to get back to the library and when I did finish I thought “oh, my Be An Elf” bookmark needs to go back in the box with the Christmas stuff ….but you provided a wonderful replacement. Thank you ! Here’s hoping your New Year is the best ever…and that you get 100 years to see all those full moons. That’s my plan…100 years! And this one coming up is going to be great!

  21. Lynn McMahon says:

    Good morning and  Happy New Year (later tonight!)~
    Thank you Susan for all the posts and presents you gave us this year!
    Any chance you have any sunsets to share with us too?
    Blessings & good health to all the girlfriends!! ~

  22. Pom Pom says:

    I like the moon, too. Luna is such a nice name.
    I’m going to go outside right now and see if the moon is bright. It’s so windy! The wind chimes are working overtime!
    Happy New Year, Susan. Thank you for the bookmark!

  23. Joan Lesmeister says:

    Dear Susan: I’m over the moon with all the wonderful snapshots & video & music, such a beautiful way to start this last year’s day! Thank you for lighting the way into our new year! The best New Year to you, Joe, your kitties, family, close friends, and your “people”! Love, Joanie

  24. Tamsen says:

    Random moon thoughts….: )

    When I was a young girl-maybe about 9 or 10, my best friend and I would sing “By the light of the silvery moon…not the sun but the moon”…) at the top of our lungs…so much fun to be so silly….

    Then around 16 yrs old, I discovered Stevie Nicks and heard her song “Sisters of the Moon”, well that was it- I’m in-gypsies, dancing, swirly ballet skirts!

    Think I’ll make a ritual of buying or making half moon pies at the full moons in 2012!

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  25. Rosinda says:

    Dear Susan,

    What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing the pretty moon photos with us! I wanted to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year to you, Joe, Girl Kitty and Jack. Here’s hoping 2012 brings you continued happiness, love and health! Looking forward to following your blog into another year! xoxo

  26. Melanie E. says:

    Good Morning from upstate NY. I just woke up (slept in just a little bit!). I’m drinking the last of my pumpkin spice coffee and watching the rain fall (so wish it was snow!) The only snowflakes I see are the ones I’ve attached to my kitchen window. I’m about to take down my tree, but have been procrastinating (still in my jammies too). I’ve discovered the best way to procrastinate is with your blog. I enjoyed all your pictures of the moon. I love full moons and starry skies. My favorite is a full moon during winter, with snow on the ground. Something so peaceful about being outside in the cold all bundled up and looking up to the sky. I have a moon face ornament (I love glass Christmas ornaments) that gets placed near the top of my tree next to my blue jay that clips on at the very top. (I have birds on my tree too). OK, guess it’s time to have another cup of coffee and tackle the tree.. Have a wonderful day, evening, and see you next year! XO!!

  27. Treese says:

    Dear Susan:
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I love a full moon-so magical. When I ride my horse out into a night with a full moon it seems as if I have my very own strobe light to show me the way. I also enjoyed your “optimistic, hopeful, uplifting” post. Boy, I needed it on this final day of 2011. It seems as if La Nina is hanging around another year which means another drought. My pastures were bare this year with no rain. I will have to sell off most of my cattle as I can’t afford to buy another year of full feeding hay as it was a struggle this year. But, that is a rancher’s life-my life and it is what I do.

    Tonight I am taking a local train ride with friends through the snowy canyons. They serve a 3 course dinner and the train is full of Merry Maker’s enjoying New Year’s Eve.

    Wishing you, Joe, your family and everyone out there. A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Treese/Colorado Cowgirl.

    • sbranch says:

      What a perfect thing to do. We spent the transition from 1999 to 2000 in a cabin in the snow in the mountains above Durango, so I have a small idea of how beautiful your New Year is going to be! Want to wish you good luck this year, droughts are terrible things!

  28. Dad told me once that when a “Sliver Moon” is tipped upward it is holding water, and rain would be coming….thank you for the lovely post. I love looking out and seeing the moon/stars; for me it is a spiritual feeling and makes me aware that we are just a tiny speck in this Universe. I think it would be a good time for all of us to respect this World and to care for it so it will be around for generations to come.

  29. Jeanette says:

    Susan, What a beautiful, magical post!!! I love it. And, I love the named full moons in your calendars and enjoy identifying them each month. Living here in the Midwest, where we have unobstructed views, I can see the moon rise and set as well as a gajillion stars, even the Milky Way!!! It is truly remarkable. And, I’m glad to know there’s someone else who wishes on things, I do too! Oh Susan, thanks for all the wonderful posts this year, I’ve laughed and cried and smiled – and am grateful for you! Happy New Year!!! xoxo, Jeanette

  30. Lori says:

    Oh, Susan, I just love you! I don’t always feel like I should take the time to read your latests posts but after I read them I know it was so worth it to take a minute for your wonderful inspirational words and pictures! Thanks for the reminder that the best things in life ARE free! Love the photos- they stirred something within that has been ingnored in all the busy-ness of the holiday season. Looking forward to tending to myself a little more now that things are settling down. May you be filled with joy in all circumstances this New Year!

  31. Martha Ellen says:

    The moon belongs to everyone, the best things in life are free!!!! The same moon looking over us all–That alone sends chills over me! It’s a small, small world! Thank you for being you Susan Branch–Our bella luna! Beautiful photography!♥

  32. Sharon Sieppert says:

    Good morning,

    I love looking at the full moon. It seems all is well with the world (even for a moment) when the moon is so full and bright.

    Happy New Year. Looking forward to see what 2012 brings (possibly a new Susan Branch Book?)

  33. Kathy says:

    Beautiful post, beautiful photos. I enjoy your posts so much, that when they come up in my Google Reader, I read all the others first, save yours until last, make sure I have a cup of tea, and then open it up and enjoy. Thank you for the joy and happiness you spread through your art, books, newsletters, and now your blog! Happy New Year!

  34. Lisa says:

    Your post comes at the perfect time for me. I recently came across a children’s book called, Walk When The Moon Is Full by Frances Hamerstrom. I have made it my goal this year to take my son on a walk in the moonlight on every full moon. Thanks for the bookmarks. I’ve marked all the full moons on my calendar. Lovely photos! Happy new year!

  35. Lisa R says:

    What a fun post to end the year on Susan! At the end of the day, we marvel at the beautiful moon. No matter if it’s a full moon, or just a sliver, when we go outside in the evening, once spotted, everyone says, “Look at the moon!” I know my little granddaughters sure love it. And now, at the end of another year, we can recall sweet memories and say, “Look at all we did, and all we were blessed with.” Because I love the moon, and because they are fun and nostalgic, the parents, and aunts and uncles on my gift list this Christmas received a big box of Moon Pies! If you were receiving gifts, I would send you a box sweet Sue! But how about I enjoy one for you while I watch one of your favorite movies. : ) Happy New Year Sue, to you and Joe, and your sweet kitties!!

  36. Jack says:

    Whelp, we had the red sky sunrise this morning, but I could’t find one darn sailor to warn; frustrating when you have such an important message to deliver and there is no one to tell! This happens a lot, here in the middle of Arizona. So OK here’s another warning for anyone — Smith Brand lettuce is being recalled this morning! Be careful with that!
    Also happy New Year to you guys, cats included! Dad

  37. Deb says:

    Moonbeams and Love….that is what tonight is for two special people in my life. Tonight, New Years Eve is my Mom and Dads 73rd Wedding Anniversary.
    Family and friends….we are all in awe, because it is almost unimaginable that two people could be married so long. And we all love the stories they share….a lifetime of working together through good times and challenging ones.
    My Mom and I were recalling this morning, all the fun New Years Eves of the past…….and the very quiet ones of recent years. ( Being in their 90’s …tonight’s celebration…is turned into an early evening one!).
    Every New Years Eve……since their wedding, Mom and Dad have made a wish on the moon and stars that bring in the new year. It is their tradition……as one year ends and another begins.
    So Susan, your post today could not have been more perfect. Thanks for giving us all a dose of “good cheer” and wishing you, Joe, the kitties and all the girlfriends a Happy New Year, filled with good health, joy and new adventures.

    • sbranch says:

      Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad — what a wonderful celebration for the New Year!

    • Dawn says:

      What a wonderful celebration of love!! Please give your mom and dad a big 73rd anniversary hug from all of us!! How lucky you all are to celebrate their anniversary together, Deb!

  38. Holly Lynn says:

    It is so good to have kindred spirits, who love the moon as much as me!

  39. Kathy in Illinois says:

    Such lovely pictures of the full moons, Susan! I want to tell you our dog Annie gets my daughter your calendar for Christmas every year! She lives in Denver but comes back for Christmas and right before she leaves she and I sit and read your calendar together. It’s a end of the year ritual! Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy new year full of simple blessings.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  40. Kelly J. says:

    What a cool & creative post!! The photography is just beautiful! Thanks, too, for the moon bookmark, and again, Happy New Year! 🙂

  41. Nellie says:

    When we moved here 7 1/2 years ago, one of the first things I noticed was how visible the moon and stars are! We are out of town a few miles, and there is none of that surface light to interfere with what is shining in the night sky.

    Thank you for this lovely post showing the moon’s glory throughout the year.


    • sbranch says:

      That’s how it is for us on the train, when it’s in the middle of nowhere! Very beautiful! Lucky you have it all the time!

  42. Terri says:

    I noticed the moon last night and on your blog, moon pictures today etc! It has been a while since I posted. Hubby is visiting from Germany and leaves to go back on Tuesday, we signed for our house while he was here, thankfully. Household goods will be here next Thursday. So reading your post calmed me so much. The stars here last night were incredible with the moon. So clear, like I could almost reach out and touch them! Happy 2012!

    • sbranch says:

      You are still getting settled! Sending you all the best wishes for 2012 Terri! A new house, how wonderful!

  43. Karen Saunders says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR SUSAN, JOE AND CO. I was reading your mid-size calendar last night as well. Getting ready to transfer my dates from your old one to the new one. (This size works well for me since it’s so handy to have near me. I have the big one too.) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Augusts picture and the frame around it. I just stared at it last night while laying in bed. (that’s where I was reading it!:) The soft pink in the background is such a beautiful color, and I love all the flowers. Good choice of everything! Well done!! Have a good year…I know you will!!! (tell jack to quit growing…..)

    • sbranch says:

      Thank you, big smile on my face! I’ve already asked Jack to stop growing, if if he absolutely has to, to please keep the same eyes forever!

  44. melinda w says:

    love the full moon and the sliver-moons too, as i just replied to Jacqui. The other night i got my three loves (my daughters) out of bed and carrying my youngest, we huddled together outside looking up at Chesh’s smile.
    So humming “The moon belongs to everyone…” (played in the begining of the second, wonderful Nanny McPhee movie”. I say Thank you, Susan. For so much delight you share in so many ways but also for my New Year’s resolution: when you announced that the web site would be changed to a blog, not-so-computer-literate-me, slump shouldered, said, “OOooh, NOOoooo” just figuring i wouldn’t be able to work it and was satisfied with the delightful gift of Willard appearing in my inbox. Fast forward to October and the new addition to my quiet, early morning tea is your blog. Silly! Why was i afraid? So, New Year’s resolution, or motto, Don’t be afraid.

    Happy & delightful New Year to you & Joe and the Kitties.

  45. nancy says:

    Dear Susan,
    Thank you so much for this post. To me the moon is magic. And to see the full moon (weather permitting) is its gift to all of us. To my far away grand-daughters on the phone I ask “Can you see the moon? We’re looking at the same moon.” When I say good-bye I say “I love you to the moon and back”.
    Thanks again for sharing all ‘your’ moons.

  46. Sara says:

    I see the moon and the moon see’s me! God bless the moon and God bless me!

    And all of you out there too!

    One more New Years Resolution…… more gardening by the moon! 🙂

  47. deborah says:

    Love LOVE your MoOn pics!!!! Lovely, and yes, I also, am a follower of the different named moons, and the mysterious, magical power it holds…and that how strange it is that it can be seen right over my house, but right over someone else’s house 3 thousand miles away at the same time!!! How special is that!
    Happy New Year to you and your’s Susan, and to all of our wonderful and unique SB gf followers!!!

  48. Rosanne says:

    I have read every one of your wonderful posts, and this one is my favorite. Magic! Thank you for your bright spirit, and Happy New Year! Here’s to (good) things that have never been.

  49. Karen P says:

    I LOVE that you post the names of the full moons on your calendars and now this wonderful bookmark! Thank you, Susan! I have loved the full moons and also the Cheshire Moon (thanks, Jacqui….that’s what I’m going to call it, rather than the sliver (not silver!) moon like I always have….so much cute!). I have LOTS of pics of full moons but none as beautiful as yours. Most recently one just over the top of our house with the Christmas lights just below! So pretty. And I DO understand the gypsy Moondance feelings! I can picture us all under the moon with the gypsy scarves! How fun!!!

    Happy New Year!

  50. Beth Keser says:

    As 2011 comes to a close, I realize how thankful I am for this blog and all that you “give” us. Today, you reminded me that it is a good thing to slow down, and look up! The moon pictures are amazing! You have such a special knack for reminding us of what is really important. It is the little things, the little gestures and being thankful for what is right in front of us! I plan on being more aware of all of this in 2012, thanks to you 🙂 THANK YOU and have a wonderful New Year!!

  51. Carolyn Ann says:

    Thank you, Susan, for all the love and effort that you put into your beautiful, wonderful blog. Wishing you a truly happy and healthy New Year brimming with Love!

  52. Ann says:

    I loved this moon post! Happy New Year to all the Girlfriends.

  53. Sharon says:

    Thank you for the bookmark and all of the entertainment provided on your blog. Sadly, our last blog kitty passed on in November and our family is very happy to have found Jack and follow his activities. Tonight we’ll be at a community ice skating event, then transporting, feeding and chaperoning the teens’ party. I’m thankful we have this year of a teens/parents gathering; it won’t last forever! Happy New Year.

    • sbranch says:

      That should be fun! Are there real blog kitties? Like kitties you follow on blogs?

      • Sharon says:

        We’ve just followed one kitty…Teacup on the Dilly Dally Days quilting blog from Alaska. She had quite a personality and was very photogenic; two things it looks like she and Jack have in common.

  54. Sarah Maldonado says:

    Oh, dear friend, Susan! Thanks for the post on my favorite part of nature. My husband and I always tell one another when the “howler moon”( as we call the full moon) is out. Often, it peeks in our enormous ‘half-moon’ window near the ceiling of our kitchen. Such a treat to see it shining in and then to look outside and see the yard so bright. I always like to think of it shining on the ones I love, near and far…something we can share no matter where we are. BTW, I received “Still Cove” yesterday! Thank you so much for signing it! It was so special to see the little article tucked in as well as the bookmark. I’m making myself read it a parcel at a time….I think I was meant to get this book! Happy New Year and thank you for blessing all of us with you art, your words, your giving heart.

  55. Jacquelyn Wirthlin says:

    A lovely post. Thank you. Have my 2012 calendar hung by my desktop and ready to get with the New Year … lol Staying home this evening watching movies and waiting for the fireworks display from the Las Vegas Strip (visible from our front yard and upstairs bedroom). We never go out on New Years eve … even in Las Vegas. Best wishes for health and happiness in the New Year to you, Sue, your loved ones and to all the Girlfriends.

  56. Rita Baker says:

    I’m going to pull out my copy of “Moonstruck” and watch it again for the umpteenth time. I love that movie – it is so full of love and life. Thanks for the beautiful post and photos and bookmark, and Happy New Year!

  57. deezie says:

    Hi Susan
    How I love the Moon. Those pictures were wonderful. My Mom used to tell me when I was little that the moon was made of cheese!!! imagine that I believed that. I used to think it had a face too:)
    We just got one of our daughters a telescope for Christmas, so we will be looking for that smiling face.
    Happy Healthy New Year to you and Joe Susan

  58. Marcia (in Brazil) says:

    Happy new year, dear Susan! May 2012 be a wonderful year for you, your husband, your kitties… May the Lord give you inspiration, creativity and love, love, love…

  59. Pamela Jo says:

    Thank you so much for your Full Moon post. I really enjoyed it! A full moon is such a beautiful sight! My neighbor (another cat loving lady) and I have been celebrating each Full Moon for several years. We sit out with binoculars (even on bitter cold winter nights), look at the moon, enjoy some good music, good wine, and good conversation! We call ourselves the “Village Lunatics!”…and we are very proud of our title! Others around here call us “Those Crazy Cat Ladies!” and we’re proud of that, too! LOL!

    I’m spending New Year’s Eve with my family. Going to watch “The Inheritance” on DVD. Just found it at a local used bookstore. It’s based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott. Can’t wait to see it! Just made some stuffed mushrooms and boiled some shrimp which we’ll snack on most of the night (among other goodies).

    Wishing you, Joe, and your sweet kitties the happiest of New Years and the best of everything, always! ~xoxo~

    P.S. Sweet Molly says “A MEOWY Happy New Year” to Girl and Jack, too!

    • sbranch says:

      Be sure to tell us how the movie was! I just looked at the trailer — looks really good! Happy New Year to you and Molly and your family!

  60. jeannine leonard says:

    Thank you for the bookmark. My daughter Emily is 12, and just loves the moon.
    When she was young, Disney had a show called Bear in the Big Blue House. One of the characters was Luna the Moon. This was the beginning, every full moon she is gazing out the window. I know she is going to love this blog, she already loves Jack. Yes, I did print her the bookmark.
    Cannot wait for the new Williard, it is like getting a special gift delivered right to us. Thank you again for all you give us. Happy New year!

  61. Lynne says:

    oooh… merci beaucoups for the sweet bookmark. I was just thinking it was time to start a new, yummy novel – and now, I’ll have a wonderful bookmark to keep my place! I’m Snow Moon by the way… Love the sound of that!

  62. Victoria Miller says:

    What a lovely and fun post! Reminds me of when in college I signed up for an Astrology course, hoping to learn the names of stars and constellations. However, that is not what is taught in astrology classes in college, at least, not the one I went to. We had a professor whose first love was physics and he scribbled formulas on the board while lecturing about who knows what and we all sat dumbfounded with our mouths open. Many of us dropped the course. However, one astrological thing I learned in that debacle was the wonderful word “gibbous”. Whenever the moon is more than half, it is in a gibbous stage. The “waxing” and “waning” on your bookmark reminded me. So, if you want to sound really knowledgeable (like someone who spent two sessions in a college astronomy class), you can look at the moon and say, “Oh, look, the moon is gibbous waxing.” I never knew about the names of the moons (except the Blue Moon). Thanks so much for the delightful bookmark and this delightful post. And the Happiest New Year to you and yours, and all who visit here!

  63. Katherine says:

    Susan, I just love your blog! You are such a sweet lady.  May God bless you and your family in the coming year, and always. 🙂

  64. Debbie Borne says:

    Happy New Year Susan,
    I’m new to your blog and my spirit does a happy little flip-flop whenever I get an email that you have a new post. The moon pics were pretty but REALLY how could you post without a picture of Jack and/or Girl Kitty!! I can’t get enough of those furry darlings. With Blessings from sunny California,

  65. Sandra says:

    And, just before the Jan full moon, there’s a Quadrantids Meteor Shower on the 4th. See for more information. I plan on taking hot cocoa, the dogs and a chair to the middle of the yard so I can have a good view…IF the snow storm has passed.
    Susan, many thanks for a year of happy via your blog, Willard and my kitchen calendar; God’s blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  66. Janet Conn says:

    Thank you so much for the post on the full moon. I love the full moon and always call me aunt Jean, who lives several hours away, when the moon is full. When she picks up the phone, I say, “Hey, moon watcher……” Thanks for such a lovely blog. It made 2011 very special. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. Thanks for the bookmark. I printed two. Of course, I am going to mail one to my aunt. Have a blessed new year!

  67. Janet Conn says:

    Thank you so much for the post on the full moon. I love the full moon and always call my aunt Jean, who lives several hours away, when the moon is full. When she picks up the phone, I say, “Hey, moon watcher……” Thanks for such a lovely blog. It made 2011 very special. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings. Thanks for the bookmark. I printed two. Of course, I am going to mail one to my aunt. Have a blessed new year!

  68. Mary S. says:

    For some reason, this blog with Whispering Jack in the background made me cry!
    Anyway, your photos are all so beautiful, but the one from your bedroom window – I want to print that out and frame it! It looks like a painting!!!

  69. Mary Cunningham says:

    Claire de Lune is one of my faves too….last winter after a fresh snow…my doggies and I walked in the woods before bedtime and the moon was all we needed for our light…so quiet, crisp and peaceful….another of God’s gifts to enjoy! Bella Luna..I know a little girl named Luna….sweet!

  70. pat addison says:

    good afternoon Susan, hello everyone. what a lovely moon and i have a little moon trivia to add to your blog: when the horns are up, no rain, when the horns are down, rain is coming. don’t forget to put your penny pot out by the door tonight for luck. just put some pennies in a jar and put by the door at dusk on new years eve and bring in new years day and bring in the good luck. Hapy New Year Susan, Joe and kitties, Happy New Year everyone, hope its a wonderful, happy, peaceful and healthy new year for all. hugs…… 🙂

    • sbranch says:

      Thanks Pat, you always have good tips!

      • pat addison says:

        thank you Susan, i always put a penny pot out on New Years eve, brings me good luck for the year. my grandfather taught me about the moon and when to tell if rain was coming or not. he was very good at that. my cats send purrs and meows to Jack and Girl Kitty, and tail twitches for the new year. 🙂

      • Chris Dowd says:

        We were in Mexico and the phone was ringing at 2:00 in the morning. When I looked out the window there was the moon “horn’s up” when we got the news that our grandson was just born. To me the moon looked like a cradle. That was the first time I remember the moon in that position. Gives me tingles. 🙂

        • sbranch says:

          You know what? We were coming home from a dinner party last night, it had been very stormy — the clouds were moving fast, black clouds parted and there it was, just like you said, like a bowl, bright silver horns up. Gorgeous! And you have a baby! You’ll never forget the night he was born! Congratulations!

  71. Stephanie says:

    So often when you post something I think, “Wow. I thought that was just me!” I’ve always loved the moon and sat at my window as a child watching it. I used to move my bed around when I was little so I could fall asleep in “moonlight” through the window.

    What a fantastic post! THANK YOU for the bookmark. I didn’t know the full-moons had names. I’m so excited to make a date with each of these moons and I’m going to take my own pictures this year.

    THANKS for the all the joy your outstanding blog has brought me this year. Happy New Year to you and Joe and Girl Kitty and little Jack (think of all his “firsts” in 2012!). I look forward to putting up all your calendars tomorrow!

  72. Marianne says:

    Thank you for all that you do! Happy New Year!

  73. Thank you Susan for sharing all the wonderful moons with us for the last 6 months and some of the new ones in this days blog! I enjoyed seeing the one on the train that you sent in August and now all these! You are a true blessing!

  74. So many gifts! Thank you for the bookmark, screen saver, and the link to Jason Mraz’s song, not to mention all your beautiful moon photos. The one you took standing outside your house is my favorite with the one where the moon is peeping in your upstairs window is a close second! A lovely post for the year’s end.

  75. Dawn says:

    Dear sweet Susan…. you are absolutely Bella Bella on the inside and out!!!! I just LOVE YOU to the moon and back!!!! Like I always say, “Susan Branch makes this world a better place!” If your heart can feel all the happiness that you bring to others it’s gonna get really B I G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HaPpY NEW yEaR!!! God Bless you and your cutie Joe!!!!!!
    (Bella means Beautiful, right? ; D ) LOVE YA !!!

  76. Connie B says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely moon pictures. I think all of us romantics feel the magical pull of the moon. During the full moon I love to open the blinds at night and go to sleep by moonlight. I always tell my grandchildren who live away in other states that if we go outside we will be standing under the same moonlight. That makes us all feel much closer. My 3 yr old granddaughter, Izzy, talks to me every afternoon on the phone and says goodbye by saying, ” I love you to the moon and back! ” Happy New Year and we all love you to the moon and back!! ps Minnesota is finally getting a snow storm. We had a brown Christmas but will have a white New Years.

  77. Betty says:

    Happy new year Susan!
    It’s wonderful to think that we are all looking at the same moon wherever we live on this wonderful planet! I wonder if you have looked at it through a telescope. It’s amazing, as are the planets Jupiter and Saturn. My son is an amateur astronomer and made his own telescope when he was in high school……so
    we have been fortunate to have this access at home.

  78. Ruthie P says:

    Hi Susan…thank you once again for sharing your world with us,you wonderful,delightful,inspirational girlfriend 🙂 I look forward to your posts like a kid a Christmas.Looking forward to the new ones too! I hope you really really know what happiness you bring.I hope the New Year is filled with much health and happiness for you,Joe,Girl Kitty and precious little Jack with the beautiful big eyes.I don’t know if this will make sense to you,but I wish you a Susan Branch in your life(we all need one!)…xoxo Ruthie

  79. Jeanne Hedin says:

    Thank you for all the warmth, humor, joy, creativity and love you have poured out this year. May it all come back to you in 2012!

  80. Chris Dowd says:

    Susan, thank you so much for the wallpaper; I love it! And even more the wonderful video of “Bella Luna”. I’m off to get a Jason Mraz CD!! Made me want to dance too. <3

  81. Jeanette says:

    We had a delayed opening of our family Christmas gifts until today…and when I opened a gift I had bought and wrapped for myself, I said “we opened these gifts just in time” for my gift to myself was your 2012 calendar (don’t think I could have started a new month, even less a new year, without the thrill of opening my calendar to a new page to see what you will say about each one! The “moons” are of particular interest to me–I so love them! I made a quilted wallhanging Jean Wells-style after taking her class in Sisters Oregon this summer; I have yet to add the “moons” to each month depicted in my wallhanging, waiting to find just the right fabric that will remind me of what each moon is called (I have done the strawberry and frost moons, but am still waiting on the others). I love your illustrations and the sayings in your calendar–keep them coming! Happy New Year to you!

  82. Karen says:

    Happy New Year!

  83. Sandra Gillanders says:

    The moon has been looking down on the earth for a very long time and still probably looks the same as it did all those billions of years ago. Great post and lovely moon pictures. Always enjoy looking at the moon and now I’ll know when to expect a full one. Thanks and Happy, Happy New Year to you, Joe, Kitty Girl and Jack!
    p.s. You always come up with the most unusual wonderful blog posts!

  84. Jan from Michigan says:

    Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a safe one tonight. Loved the pictures! I have one of your calenders hanging at work. I work in a hospital and it NEVER fails that when we get crazy busy someone will ask me “is it a full moon?” I look at your calender and not only am I able to say yes but also the name of the moon! Full moons are beautiful but I know from experience that we always seem to get very busy when there is one! I am looking forward to 2012 and your new book! Thank you for the bookmark and Thank You for being Susan Branch!

  85. Kate says:

    I love the moon. I can’t help staring at it when it’s in its full glory. I always kind of miss it when its wanes and can’t wait to see it bloom again. There is nothing so enchanting as walking in the moonlight when everything has a moon shadow.

  86. Ginny Petitt says:

    Thank you Susan for this beautiful blog note! You never fail to leave me with a warm, comforted feeling after I read your notes. So happy to find a new blog note periodically! Hope you and your family have a blessed 2012.

  87. Pat says:

    Susan I love all your beautiful moon photos! I have been a long time moon admirer myself

    I have a whole Pinterest folder of moon photos that I love that I’ve found on the Internet and placed in my “Bella Luna/Moonstruck folder that you can see here:

    I shall have to add a few of your moons to the folder!

    Wishing you and Joe a very happy and healthy 2012 and many more beautiful moons!

    Best wishes,


  88. Beth says:

    Just got home from celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday! Most of her 11 brothers and sisters were there with their families. It was a sock hop!

  89. Marilyn ( in Ohio ) says:

    Thank you for sharing these “moon shots”! I have been moonstruck since I was born (well, not really THAT early, maybe since I was five & old enough to notice!) I would sit by my window for as long as I could, just watching it. I still do, if I have the chance – that’s a lot of moon watching (I turned 70 at Christmas!) I love the way it makes the world look silvery soft, love the way it shines through bare branches on a cold winter’s night, love it when it comes up low & huge in the autumn.
    It’s almost midnight – Happy New Year!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  90. Pat Mofjeld says:

    Beautiful photos, Susan! We often leave our bedroom miniblinds open when there is a full moon, just to watch it. Love to watch the deer in the park in front of our house on a moon-lit night–there is something magical watching them move in the light. But there is no watching the moon tonight as we are in the middle of a winter storm here in central Minnesota. Started with rain this evening, now turned to snow, and 45-50 mph winds are predicted for tomorrow! NOW it looks like Christmas!!! 🙂 It is a good night to be in. But as wintery as it looks tonight, temps in 40’s predicted for next week so we will probably lose all of the snow that comes tonight. Weird weather! 🙂 I’m going to get out your new calendar and surprise Norm with it up tomorrow morning!

  91. Melissa says:

    I love all of your things . Your blog is a special place of enjoyment and inspiration to me. I especially love the pictures of the moon. Could you tell me what kind of camera you used to take them, the details and colors are excellent.
    Hope this is the best year yet for you and yours.

    • sbranch says:

      I think it’s kind of an accident . . . you can see how many are out of focus! But they’re still wonderful because they’re the moon! My camera is a canon EOS. Happy New Year Melissa!

  92. Sharie Porter says:

    Hi Susan, only a few more minutes and we can officially say hello to January and WELCOME 2012. I use your old calendars as a shortened version of a diary. I love looking back on the months to see what I’ve accomplished (or not) during the year. I was just flipping pages and came upon the seagulls in July. Their conversation just cracked me up and now I’ve cut them out and put them in a little frame as a reminder to not take things too seriously. I look forward to your calendar and artwork every year. Happy New Year from San Luis Obispo. I’m sure it will be a wonderful year!

  93. Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

    Some of my favorite drives to work is when the sun is rising in the east and the full moon is still hovering above the Rockies on the west! Its the best of both worlds 🙂 I believe the full moon knows that she is so fabulous and breath taking she delights in challenging all of us to capture her beauty. Its nice to know we were all gathered under the same Bella Luna and appreciating her! Thanks for starting the first day of 2012 with such a beautiful posting! Happy New Year to you, Joe, Girl Kitty, Jack and the girlfriends!!

    • sbranch says:

      Glad you stopped by Christine — Happy new year to you too!

      • Christine from Lafayette, CO says:

        Ahh! On my way downstairs I was captured my another “moon” that has been on our walls for the past 12 years. Its a plaque on the Man in the Moon with the words “Love you to the Moon.” Its a ritual my 4 grandkids and I have when we say “good night” or as they leave the house: ” I love you to the Moon and back, times two plus 1, forever, for always, no matter what..(wait for it.. wait..wait… here they come..) I LOVE YOU!! Moons are such a necessity of life! xoxo

  94. Priscilla says:

    Dear Susan,
    YOU are one of our best blessings! Thank you so much for sharing your life with us through this wonderful blog. I don’t think I can express what it truly means to us. I too, rush like a kid at Christmas to see what you have written. This moon post was wonderful and brought tears to my eyes. God bless you and Happy New Year! Also, I am so looking forward to your new book being published!

  95. Happy New Year’s! I love, LOVE the big moons, and my very favorite night walks for my dog in my rural area are when it’s windy, chilly, and there’s a bright full moon in the sky. Putting up my new SB calendar today to welcome every month of the year. Joyful blessings and prayers for all for 2012. As a side note, I hope you are enjoying the eighth (or seventh, depending on custom) day of the Christmas season!

  96. Kelly J. says:

    One of my favorite children’s authors, Cynthia Rylant wrote a beautiful picture book called, Long Night’s Moon, featuring all of the full moons of the year…have you seen it?

  97. Jean G says:

    Happy New Year to you and yours! And, Happy MEW Year to Girl Kitty and Jack. May they become fast friends. In kitty world, that may take a while!

    Jean G

  98. Karen V says:

    Happy New Year Susan!
    Wow, my daughter and I had just finished watching ‘Moonstruck’ last night, then I checked my emails, and there was your many moons blog post! I don’t know what that means, but loved the coincidence. Loved the post, I am also fascinated with the moon and keep track of the seasonal moons with the help of your calendar, so thanks for that too!
    Best wishes to you and yours in the coming year!

    • sbranch says:

      Funny, and we were looking at it on our way home from our dinner last night . . . it’s on our minds! Best to you too Karen!

  99. Wishing you a very happy 2012, Susan!

  100. Carmel says:

    What a beautiful way to start my first morning of 2012! Thank you so very much for this most sweet posting with so much heart (as you always do!). With prayers for you, Joe, your family (including your kittens) and all your faithful bloggers (girlfriends!) for a new year filled with goodness in every way.

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