Good Morning . . .MUSICA We are, right now, in the midst of a beautiful inspiring Ad for Victoriasnowstorm here on Martha’s Vineyard, delightfully cut off from the real world, not just any storm, they’re calling it a blizzard. Sometimes, I have to say, working at home has its snow treedrawbacks. You forget to get out of your jammies (until someone drops in, then you think, OMG, L👀k at me!), you lay out your newly designed calendar pages all across the living room floor (generally making a mess wherever you go), you stand staring into the fridge and then eat it all ~ so excited about something you’re painting, that you just leave the open extra-crunchy peanut butter jar and the sourdough toast crumbs on the counter and run back to the studio ~ which means your house gets a little disgusting to match your darling self in jammies and shawl, BUT, on a day like today, I take it all back, I’m grateful because it is heaven to snowy dawnbe cozy at home, listening to the crackling fire, smelling the smoke, in my jammies, warm in my plaid shawl from Scotland, laying out my calendar pages, eating everything in the fridge, drinking tea with honey and milk … and feeling pretty sure (and safe), that in the pouring snow, no one will stop by! Taking deep breaths, and wishing I could slow down time . . . I love winter, everything so much easier now, than in the summer when the windows are open and the birds are singing and all I want to do is run out and play!img_2849

Right now, it’s just counting my blessings, trying to make something out of nothing, blank piece of paper in front of me, never knowing for sure what I am doing, but trying hard to do it, snow falling outside the windows, squirrels hanging from the bird feeders, purring noises coming from my art table . . . the clock ticking on the mantle . . .saying hello to you here and on Twitter (you can go there and just look, you don’t have to join, just in cases😘), then knitting and TV and bed and then do it all over again . . .


This is the view from my studio window right now . . . snow pouring down, spirals flying off the barn, piling up at the tops of the picket fence, making snow flowers in the tree branches . . . snow

cozy fire

I walk through my sleepy house to go to my Studio in the morning, as I have for so many years, the old floors creak here and there, muffled noises of snowplow come from outside, and I am overwhelmed for the moment, so grateful that I got to grow up and meet Joe and move here, to this old house I adore so much ~ a house that’s more like a parent, protective and safe, like a mom or a dad. 💖 So cozy, it’s hard to tear myself out of bed in the morning ~ I stay a while and listen to the house and the wind.


There’s my honey, a man and his castle, the barn. He was up early, “It’s snowing” he yelled as he ran out the door! The man loves to shovel snow. Don’t ask me why, he just does. Another blessing to be added to my very long list.


I do my part . . .


We kept a few lights in the kitchen ~ along with candles and the flames in the fireplace, they make a perfect cheery contrast to darker shorter days . . .


The lights are still on our kitchen porch too, we keep them year round, they looked good on the summer night of Joe’s birthday too . . .


This place is the perfect place for dreaming . . . and I’m definitely dressed to go dreaming . . . and no, I don’t mind if you come along…🎵🎶


I thought you’d like to see the photo the Sisters sent from the Holy Nativity Convent . . .  Isn’t this just darling? This should be their Christmas card next year! Pure love. They have Hygge totally under control! Thank you all for your support of the Sisters ~ so many of you responded to that post by ordering candles and clocks and all the other wonderful things the sisters make… they are ecstatic, you’ve made their day/year, and filled those 17 little stockings with peace and good will.  I just have to say, for the upty-ninth time, I love us!sweetnessflowers


I love him too. My kitty. Now when he rubs his head on me, I rub my head on him. We are simpatico together. I get him, he gets me, and all is well in la-la-land.Do not disturbsantiago

So here I am, painting away for the next calendar, thinking to myself, as I watercolor my letters to the tune of the ticking clock, “What will they like? What can I give them . . .” meaning you, and hoping I guess right . . .  I do dream it . . .if you dream it


Oh, and I was thinking, maybe I should make my own mugs? I mean other people have done it, I ought to be able to figure it out. So, for starters, I made a paper one. Just fooling around . . . but isn’t it cute?


As you know, my boy Jack hangs out in the Studio with me, sometimes asleep, but other times he’s going after something . . . like my new Scottish plaid heart (sent to me by Elizabeth) which was hanging on my “fridge.” This is his “you caught me” face. See the pillow on top of the fridge? It didn’t used to look like Jack, but I blacked in the nose and mustache with a black marker and now it does! Life and all it’s little bits and pieces, ahhhhh.happy! flowers

 I do have to get to work though, we leave for California at the end of next month, I’ll be meeting (in person) the screenwriter who is still hard at work on the script for our (not-ThreeBooksgoing-to-happen-but-still-a-fun-thought-anyway 😜) movie or series or whatever it will be.  It was just this time last year when I first heard someone might want to make a movie from my trilogy of books, and so we’re going to meet under the HOLLYWOOD sign when Joe and I get out to California ~ her idea! A place I’ve never been! So, how fun is that?  And also, that book signing I mentioned? It is for sure going to be on March 18th. I don’t know the exact time yet, but Apple watercolorI’m assuming it’ll be in the afternoon ~ at the Apple Farm in San Luis Obispo, CA. Did I hear someone mention road trip????  I hope so! Lots of wonderful EVERYTHING in the SLO-town area in March, Spring!  Ocean, sunshine🌞, and beach restaurants, cute downtown shopping, antique stores, nearby towns filled with charm, wineries, farmstands and good restaurants . . . on and on. Put the Beach Boys Kokomo in your MUSICA, start learning the words, sing along in your car and and come on down (or over, or up)!  Until then, dear friends . . . Enjoy! Next time, on the blog, I’ll show you more of England!HeartThrobswinter word


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Happy 2017 Everyone! Here we GO . . . 🎵MUSICA 🎵word reasons to go on living



go. be. love. Bird and heart ... With love from Susan Branch

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